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My answer to this common question


Here’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself at some point: “Doesn’t everyone emotionally eat?”

I was shopping for a gift for Zach at Lululemon when the woman helping me launched into this question and I feel intuitively called to share my response with you.

Eating a big bowl of chocolate ice cream after you had a stressful day of work, got into a fight with your sister, or broke up with your boyfriend of 7 years is common.

But is in NO WAY normal.

Bottom line: Emotional eating is common. But it’s not normal. 

It is not normal to eat so much you feel sick.

It is not normal to walk around feeling bloated and jiggly all the time.

It is not normal to think about food all the time.

Feeling sick, bloated, and constantly thinking about food is NOT how your body was designed.

These symptoms are signals.

Signals to wake up.

Most of all, they’re an invitation to shift your relationship with food to one where you are able to enjoy a beautiful dinner out with friends, confidently stop eating when you’re satiated and wake up the next morning feeling clear in your mind, light in your body and free from any inklings of guilt.

Whether you accept the invitation to honor your body is your choice.

What do you choose?

You only have one body.

One precious life.

Make it count. 

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