My secret internal hell (special time-sensitive invite)

In the past, I’ve wasted so much time searching for answers in diet and exercise to understand why I felt crazy and compulsive around food and how to make it stop.

I tried manipulating what I ate with various meal plans and secret portion control tactics.

Exercise was my “damage control,” my punishment to erase what I could not master with food.

For over 10 years of my life…no matter what I tried…my secret internal hell waged on.

When I finally found the solution to end my decade long war with food and my body, I became committed to helping other women end theirs.

This is why I’ll be teaching this really unique virtual workshop called, “5 Steps to Escape From Emotional Eating (no matter what you’ve tried in the past!)” 

I am fully committed to going way beyond teaching you just what to eat to teaching things like:

  • How to finally break the “I can’t believe I ate all of that” guilt-shame cycle with food
  • How to alchemize your self-sabotaging patterns so you can finally experience real transformation in your relationship with food
  • How to create and cultivate new healthier ways to relax, unwind and escape – ones that actually work!

I’ll be teaching this virtual workshop on Tuesday, February 7 – Just click this link to save your seat.

I know how frustrating it can be when you’re searching for freedom from food, and it feels like there’s no solution in sight. It’s what propelled me to finally do things drastically different.

Now it’s your turn. I invite you to open to the possibility that THIS time can be and will be different for you — no matter what you’ve tried in the past!

It’s exactly what I’ll be teaching you in this virtual workshop and it’s completely complimentary. My gift to you – click here to register!

It’s time to stop destroying your body and soul with food.

To your one precious body & your one sacred life,

PS. Be sure to arrive early because I’ll be opening with a demonstration of how to shake off stress and anxiety taken directly from my personal toolbox. You don’t want to miss this – get your seat now!

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