Philly Area Peeps: You Gotta Be Here!

I know I don’t usually post this late in the week, but there’s this AHH-mazing event I’m planning with Whole Foods Market and I wanted to make sure you got first dibs on a seat for it.

Consider this your personal invite to the healthiest and most fun dinner party that’s ever graced your social calendar!

No more having to worry about waking up the next morning feeling bloated and guilty from eating foods that weren’t in alignment with your desires to slim down.

I’ve planned the entire menu from head to toe from my favorite Laugh Yourself Skinny (TM) recipes, that only my private clients have access to. Not only that, but there’s a method to my madness and I’ll be spilling my fun fat-blasting secrets the entire night.

PLUS, a special surprise at the end – so you’re gonna wanna make sure you stay for the whole thing!

This is one of those nights were it’s totally ok to skip the gym after work for your buns to be in one of these seats.

Word from Whole Foods Market is that this thing will sell out within just a few days. When they told me that, I knew how much you’d want to be there, so with not much twisting of their arm they gave me the OK to give you this personal invite first.

Won’t you come?

Don’t snooze on this one.

It would be such a blast to get to see, eat and laugh with you in person!

I can’t wait!

And grab a girlfriend to come with ya too!

See you then!

PS. If you wanna do some shopping after this event, here’s how to save time and money when you do!


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