A healthy way to rebel

A Healthy Way to Rebel

Does this ever happen to you?

Where you find yourself being really “good”… you’re following whatever eating regime you have for yourself… you’re getting your butt back to sweating regularly… and you’ve got your naughty food cravings under control…

Until “being good” sucks… where you’re like, “where’s all the fun?!”

And you find yourself eating when you’re not really hungry, having a couple too many bits of mac n cheese and one too many glasses of wine.

Once you’ve veered far enough off track, you renew your commitment to “being good” again and do well for a little while.

Until that feeling for fun and a little rebellion starts to creep back in… and it all begins again.

I see this as a common cycle for so many women and it can easily turn into a perpetual cycle of 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

This can get pretty frustrating when you realize if you could just figure out how to not take that step backward, you’d be smooth sailing and slipping into that little black dress in no time.

Fear not,  I’m here to help!

In this week’s episode of J-ciniTV, we get to the bottom of why this cycle starts and how to put an end to it, so your 2 steps forward are really just that – 2 steps forward.

Here’s how to eliminate that 1 step backwards:

If you feel like you’re stuck in this perpetual cycle of doing well for a little while and then falling off track, and you feel like healthy rebellion isn’t going to set you straight, I highly recommend you get some support and clarity around what’s standing in your way.

I’d love to support you with this and have just a few spots open in my calendar for women who are really committed to breaking this cycle for good.

You can nab some private time with me by filling out the application for a discovery session here.

From there, we’ll get clear on what you need to break this cycle for good so slimming down is no longer a painful perpetual cycle of ups and downs.

I’m here to support you!



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