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Quickly checking in…:-)

Just a quick check in…were you able to easily RSVP for, Finally! The Answer To Your Food Problem!, the special transformational training I’m putting together for you?

If you haven’t reserved your spot yet, you can do so ->->-> HERE <-<-<-.

It’s happening, Wednesday February 17th@ 12pm EASTERN.

I want you to know this training goes way beyond “take a few deep breaths and drink a glass of water next time your hungry” advice.

This is going to be POW-POW-POWERFUL! And you’ll learn:

  • Why diets, portion control and everything you’ve tried in the past, failed you…and what to do instead
  • The new approach you need to end your fight with food (this will change your life!)
  • How to finally see food as fuel instead of using it for comfort, stress relief or anxiety management
  • PLUS, an exclusive preview of an accelerated transformational experience(proven to be 100x better than any diet!)

I also really recommend that you join us LIVE, because attending this will change your life.

That’s why I’m rewarding the women who DO show up LIVE with a chance to win prizes, gifts and opportunities as a “thank you” for fully showing up for yourself.

This is exactly what you need to help you break your old patterns and take the first step to see food as fuel.

I’m here to support you in every step of the way.

A special event like this doesn’t happen very often and my heart breaks at the thought of you even missing it.

Be sure to save your spot here, if you haven’t already.

I’m so excited for this powerful time together! YAY!

‘See’ you then!

Lots of love,

PS. Does someone special come to mind who could benefit from this special training Finally! The Answer To Your Food Problem!? Forward this email to them!


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