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Why Your Workout Isn't Working!

When I first quit my corporate job, I stepped up my workouts to 20+ hours a week. I was back in school and when I wasn’t studying, I was working out. At first I thought this was awesome. I finally could burn more than I ate. I would finally have the body I always wanted.…

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How to tone up, slim down and lose weight fast!

I confess if we were to rewind a few years ago, I was addicted to my heart rate monitor. I wore it every day (because I used to work out every day) and would LOVE watching the calorie count tick away during a sweat session. Back then it was normal for me to burn upwards…

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3 Ways To Jumpstart Your Post-Holiday Detox

Today is the first official J-ciniTV episode of 2014 and I’m THRILLED to share it with you. As you can see, the LYS team and I have been working like mighty little mice through a huge makeover and we’ve got such a pretty new playground to Laugh Ourselves Skinny in! After you watch today’s episode,…

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