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Personally reaching out again 🙂 …how you are doing during this emotionally intense time? I know you are used to having to keep it all together all the time…but really, how are you feeling? 

I know I have felt big waves of grief and rage from injustice. Beauty and power from activism. And felt deeply unsafe from the violence and looting in my neighborhood.

Having healed my emotional eating, I now to have a very fast emotional metabolism. I can name, process and move through emotions (especially big ones) very quickly thanks to the tools I created and teach like the Fear Flush®and Digesting Emotions®. In the past, it would take me years. Literally. 

With COVID and everything that is transpiring, I’ll be the first to admit, it’s been a lot.

Which has me thinking about you…

How is your emotional metabolism?

Are you feeling heavy and weighed down, even numb, from it all?

Are you emotionally eating?

As your coach I’ll remind you that food compulsion is made up of unprocessed feelings. When you emotionally eat, you seek to change or contain the swirl of emotions within you.

I’ve gotten clear that as emotional eaters, feeling our feelings isn’t enough. We must learn how to digest them in the same way we digest food. Keeping what’s nourishing, (what I call the wisdom of our emotions), and releasing what isn’t. 

As emotional eaters, we must have a release and relief when it comes to our emotions. 

Otherwise, we eat! When you eat your feelings, on a subconscious level you’re saying, “I can’t process this anger, perhaps I can eat it” or “I can’t process that I don’t feel safe, perhaps I can eat it”

In absence of a healthy way to process and release emotions, the energy becomes trapped within your body and embedded in your flesh.

So if you’ve been feeling heavy, that makes sense! All that energy has no where to go! 

Which is why I created the tools like Digesting Emotions and The Fear Flush. Because I had never been taught healthy doable ways to manage and move through difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Now, it’s my mission to teach and empower other high-achieving change making women how to process, release and transform the energy and emotions that swirl within them.

If that’s you, apply here now.

Life isn’t getting easier, so we MUST get better at managing it.

Which means healing the roots of your emotional eating.

Apply here and let’s do this together.

With love & in service to your freedom,

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