This just does NOT work


If you want to stop overeating, it’s a very BAD idea to focus on food first.

I’ve gotten very clear from the 11+ years of dedicating myself to investigating every nook and cranny of my own compulsive habitual behaviors with food that telling an overeater “don’t eat that” or “eat less” or “eat in moderation” just DOES NOT WORK.

When we engage in emotional eating, our relationship with food reminds me of my niece, Lily’s relationship with her blanket, “Blankie”.

Lily is two years old and everyone in the family knows this: DO NOT TRY TO TAKE BLANKIE AWAY. Do not even joke about it.

Because sh*t. hits. the. fan.

She’ll throw a tantrum so violent…I swear she becomes possessed…you’ll want to run for your life!

The same goes for an emotional eater.

Try to take food away from an overeater…sh*t hits the fan. 

It kicks up a tremendous amount of fear, which spirals in self-sabotaging patternslike overeating and gaining a bunch of weight.

Focusing on food first doesn’t work.

Most certainly, it doesn’t work for overeaters.

In order to truly heal patterns of overeating and emotional eating and end your fight with food once and for all, we have to start where your compulsions start. We have to start at the roots.

How do I know this?

Food was my safety blanket, my best friend. I would eat to escape…day after day, filling myself with so much dark chocolate in an attempt to numb the pain of how overwhelming I found my life to be.

That’s why in the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs® and Retreats we start with managing stress, anxiety and fear. These are the most common triggers for your overeating.

Once we’ve taken off the top layer of angst, we can move more deeply into clearing out the emotional burdens via Digesting Emotions®.

Only then can we move onto the next step of restoring food to its original purpose: fuel.

Anything else simply doesn’t work.

Sending you love,

PS. Want real transformation where you are no longer thinking about food ALL. THE. TIME.? Yes! Just fill out this form and a member of my team will get you all set up to have a private conversation with me to see if the deep, life-changing work we do makes sense for you.

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