Too much on your plate?

Is life getting in your way? Perhaps you have the best intentions to go that restorative yoga class, make healthier food choices or journal more often.

But something keeps coming up. 

You got into a car accident.
Your dog is sick.
Work is super busy.

There’s just too much on your plate. 

In the 7+ years I’ve been helping women turn food back into fuel instead of using it to cope with their busy, stressful lives, I’ve watched woman after woman (and a few men too!) abandon themselves and their health when life gets crazy. 

I’ve seen them twist their challenging circumstances, use it as a false sign, and feed the fear story of “I can’t because ______”.

I can’t because I got in a car accident.
I can’t because my dog is sick.
I can’t because work is crazy busy.

They’ll follow it up with “when life slows down, then, THEN I can focus on healing my overeating”.

But can’t you feel it?

Life is moving in a warp speed and only getting faster, busier and more insane.

Life isn’t going to get any easier.
You just have to manage it differently.

That’s why in all the Escape From Emotional Eating programs and retreats, we start with teaching you energy management tools so that stress, anxiety and life’s crap doesn’t trigger you to overeat.

That way, no matter what is going on in your life, you can stay on track. 

Because when there’s a lot of crap on your plate, it’s imperative that your mind be clear and your body be light so you can see creative possibilities that you weren’t able to before.

And most of all, so you can sleep at night!

So the next time life hands you a sh*t sandwich, you don’t have to eat it.

Manage it differently, so you can stay committed to yourself.
And keep showing up inspite of it.

I know you can.

With love,

PS. Wanna learn how to manage your stress and anxiety differently so you can be free from food? YES! Simply fill out this form and we’ll schedule a time to connect more deeply and discover if one of the levels of support here at Escape From Emotional Eating is a fit for you.

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