Traveling? How to Avoid Airplane Bloat

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was fabulous! Mine will certainly go down in history since Saturday I rescued a puppy…

I’m a little biased but isn’t he the cutest? His name is CJ.

If we’re friends on Facebook or you check out my pics on instagram, I’m always leavin’ on a jet plane / traveling. And for years that was a major reason why I never said yes to my desire to have a dog.

But I recently realized that my lifestyle isn’t going to change anytime soon, nor do I want it to, so it was time to figure out a way to have both – travel and a dog I love.

(Just like with losing weight… you CAN have a life, fun and eat the foods you love AND lose weight.)

Now, rewind a couple years ago and similar to the dog situation, I thought if I traveled a lot I couldn’t have the body I loved.

I used to think “where will I work out?”, “will I even have time to work out?”, “what if there’s nothing healthy to eat at the airport?”, “UGH. I don’t want to eat hotel food for a week”.

But soon I got thrown into traveling regularly and I became a pro at figuring out how to stay healthy, sane and slim on the road.

Since travel is something that will always be a part of my life and yours, it doesn’t mean our bodies and health have to suffer.

In this episode of J-ciniTV, I give you a few easy-peasy tips to stay slim when traveling and beat that dreaded airplane bloat…

Watch what I do before leaving town:

(Don’t miss the few silly seconds at the 1:15 mark)


Got any travel tips you’d love to share? Throw them in the comments below this video!

xoxo Love, health & laughter,

PS. Ever feel like your clothes don’t fit the first few days you arrive at your destination? That’s airplane bloat. Do this to feel flat-belly fabulous upon arrival.

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