how often should I eat?

Wait! Wait! Not the dark chocolate covered…

I used to have this thing with dark chocolate covered…well… anything.

My life, at that time, started at 5am and I went 100 miles an hour till about 7pm. Then I would come home and go straight to the pantry.

I felt like I had so much on my plate during the day that in the evening when there was actually some breathing space my mind was STILL going 100 miles an hour.

And I didn’t know how to make it stop…choc-balls

Other than to eat my favorite things…

Like these dark chocolate covered guava balls…

So I would eat them. At 100 miles an hour, too.

Today, as I’m writing you this, I had to actually google them to see if they still existed because I’ve been free from this once uncontrollable pattern for years.

And I want you to know that this pattern, of mindlessly reaching for food at the end of the day, can be broken.

If that’s hard to believe I stand here as an example for you.

I am proof that life is so much sweeter when your not inhaling dark chocolate covered guava balls.

And I’d love to show you how we can do that together in a Laugh Yourself Skinny® Discovery Session.

Apply here!

This is a private complimentary 45-minute phone conversation, where I’ll listen intimately to what you’re struggling to put down (whether it’s dark chocolate covered guava or something else).

We will uncover why you aren’t free from food yet and we’llget clear on your next steps togeth-er. We’ll also get clear if one of the Laugh Yourself Skinny® programs is the right next step for you.

These sessions are limited, so apply here.

It’s time for your war with food to end. Receive help here!

I’m really looking forward to connecting with you!

Loving you,

PS. This isn’t about giving up chocolate forever. This is about freeing yourself from using food as a way to cope with your stress, anxiety or crazy things your mind tells you. Apply here and let’s talk more.

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