were you teased about being emotional too?

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Growing up, I was always teased for how sensitive and emotional I was. 

     “Here comes Miss Emotional!”
     “You are SO sensitive!”

Ugh. I quickly learned that it was not safe for me to feel or express my feelings. So, I swallowed them, shoved them way down, and put food on top of them. 

Food numbed everything. Being numb felt safe. 

Until it became clear that my emotional eating was holding me back from the life I wanted to live. 

Since I was no longer willing to live out of integrity with myself, I had to heal my relationship with my emotions and learn a safe way to feel, express, and regulate my emotions. 

This is why in my Escape From Emotional Eating Programs, I work with my clients to build Emotional Resilience.

No need to stuff, swallow or put food on top of your feelings anymore.

When you learn the tools that I teach all of my clients, like Digesting Emotions® and The Fear Flush®, you’ll discover how to regulate your emotions

You’ll finally feel safe to feel, express, and release intense energies and emotions in a healthy, doable way. 

You’ll finally experience inner peace

Click here right now to apply for one of the spots in my Escape From Emotional Eating Programs so we can explore creating this together. When we connect, I’ll listen deeply to your challenges with healing your emotional eating, and we’ll explore the best next steps, so you are back in integrity with your highest, healthiest self

In service to your freedom,

P.S. If you’ve been thinking, “Summer is really busy right now. Maybe I’ll check this out in a month or two…

Your life will always be busy.  You know things will only get heavier, harder, and more overwhelming, so best to get better at managing it. Click here right now so you can learn tools to manage busyness, intensity and fully receive all that life has to offer. 

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