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When pigs fly

HI, are you beginning to feel that having peace with food is impossible?

That you’ve tried so many diets and have logged years of therapy, and escaping from emotional eating feels like a “yeah right…when pigs fly”.

I personally remember that feeling. It hit me like a ton of bricks at the bottom of the deep, dark pit of despair with food.

And nearly every client I’ve worked with, especially those to attend our 3-day transformational retreat called the ESCAPE, has sworn to me that escaping emotional eating is impossible too.

Like we’ve all been a part of this secret “when pigs fly” club!

Yet, over the 7+ years I’ve been leading our retreats, The ESCAPE, miracles have happened.

Women who swore they couldn’t keep food in their house are finally able to eat one of something – one bowl, one piece, one bite.

Women who were beaten down by their inner food demons finally have peace with food.

Women who had never been able to lose weight finally find their clothes to be baggy and their waistbands loose.

That’s the power of the ESCAPE.

And our next one is coming up May 21-23!

Wanna explore the possibility of joining us? YES! Simply fill out this form and let’s connect to explore if this is the path for you to have peace with food.

I can tell you, that when we take a different approach and address the root causes of your overeating, which we do in all our Escape From Emotional Eating programs and retreats, our bodies and minds heal much more quickly than we ever thought possible.

That’s how pigs really do fly.

Hoink hoink!

With love,

PS. We only have a 3 spots left in our Spring ESCAPE so don’t put this off! Submit your application right now by clicking here so we can connect ASAP and explore this powerful path to creating peace with food!

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