When things get hard and messy


Last week, I had the privilege of watching the comedic rockstar Kevin Hart work on new material in an intimate venue in Philadelphia and the next morning all I could think about was how this could help you on your journey to end your emotional eating.

I was shocked that a guy who’s sold out Madison Square Garden, done multiple movies, and made hundreds of millions of dollars, was STILL humbly committed to bringing laughter out into the world and working on his craft.

Which got me thinking about you and me and food…

I know there have been so many times when I’ve wanted to abandon my own process of transformation…Especially when things get hard or messy…and most certainly when I put in so much effort and STILL don’t get the results I expected or wanted.

That’s when I want to run. Escape. Move to the Bahamas and collect seashells all day every day.

But that would be like Kevin Hart going to collect seashells for the rest of his life once he sold out Madison Square Garden.

Instead, he’s writing new material. He’s still on his journey to being the best he can be. Most importantly he’s staying with it. 

Now I’ve been working on my relationship with food for over a decade and I’m always, ALWAYS, learning something new about myself and working on overcoming new challenges. Just like Kevin Hart working on his new material and attaining a new level of humor.

While I’ve reached many goals and milestones on my journey, such as ending emotional eating, I’m currently working on my relationship to alcohol and the ways I use it to soothe, cope and escape, just like I did with food. It’s my next level.

It’s been a messy and challenging process for me. But it’s also been extremely rewarding as I’m learning how to stand for myself on a deeper level in spite of what others may do or say and I’m experiencing a deeper place of peace, calm and true self-love. That’s why I continue to choose to stay with it.

So when it comes to your relationship with food, the process is the goal, regardless of where you are in your journey. 

Because you take yourself everywhere you go. And your relationship with food and your health follow you everywhere too.

Putting food back as fuel is a journey. A process. It has many levels. And with that comes new “material”, new challenges and new demons.

Feeling stuck in your journey to fully healing your relationship with food? Then let’s connect.

Submit your application for an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session, and we’ll use this complimentary time together to explore why you aren’t free from your demons with food yet and your best next steps together — my gift to you.

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