1 dead… Let’s not make it 2.

Hi! I woke up this morning with an answer to prayer that I needed to share this story with you. My sense is there’s something you’re meant to receive here.

One of my clients just lost her mother.

While they hadn’t had a relationship in the past 20 years, this kind of loss was far from sunshine, rainbows and unicorns.

We connected for a session a week after her death and she shared with me that she was suffering from severe digestive issues where she couldn’t be farther than 10 feet from a bathroom. For days on end.

Instantly and intuitively I knew that this wasn’t purely a physical issue. Nothing ever is. There is always a mental and emotional connection to the physical symptoms of the body.

When I asked her how she was doing with processing her emotions around her mother’s death, she said she hadn’t. So in that session I walked her through a process I teach called Digesting EmotionsTM.

In just a matter of minutes of doing this powerful work she said, “I can feel my stomach relaxing. It was tied in knots before. Now it isn’t.”

After our session, her physical symptoms continued to clear because the emotions had been cleared. She was no longer carrying the burden of the loss of her mother physically or emotionally; her gut healed with resilience and her mind, heart and soul cleared like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

As women, were never taught how to process our feelings. Especially intense ones. So we ignore them, hide them, or put food on top of them as a way to escape.

And as a result, you develop physical symptoms like digestive issues and excess weight.

I created Digesting EmotionsTM because I know and believe that in the same way we physically have to go to the bathroom to have a healthy body, we must have a way to emotionally “go to the bathroom” to have a healthy body, mind and soul.

This is everything I teach in my private transformational programs and we’ll be diving into this in our upcoming retreat, called The Escape, in just a few weeks.

So if you’re exhausted from carrying your emotional burdens, I invite you to an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session. Submit your application here and let’s connect. We have some important work to do to release these trapped emotions.

With all my heart,

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