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Why Diets Don't Work For Emotional Eaters…

I was out to dinner with a dear friend of mine and she was picking my brain about her weight. For as long as I’ve known her she’s wanted to lose 30 pounds.

I’ve admired her commitments to trying paleo, cleanses and committing to eating 10 vegetables a day.

Years had gone by and nothing was making a dent. She was frustrated.

My heart ached for her, and for every woman who is stuck in her very same shoes…

Wondering, “what am I doing wrong?” where eating cleaner isn’t even possible!

If you relate to my friends story, don’t give up!

There is a reason why, no matter how clean you eat or how many calories you burn, the scale hasn’t moved.

One that isn’t talked about when you commit to a diet or sign up with a trainer.

I share more about it, and the solutions, in today’s episode of J-ciniTV.

Watch this now:


And if there’s 1 thing I want you to take away from today, it’s that the answers to slimming down and having a body you love have nothing to do with food.

You probably already eat really healthy!

What’s different about Laugh Yourself Skinny® is we focus on getting to the root of what’s stopping you from releasing your excess weight so you can be FREE.

Let’s schedule a time to chat so we can discover if LYS is the right support system for you!

Start by filling out this form and my team will be in touch to schedule our powerful call together.

My gift to you!

It’s not time to give up. It’s time to do things differently and Laugh Yourself Skinny®.

Loving you every step of the way,

PS. SAVE THE DATE for Monday, August 17th! I can’t share all the details yet, but I have something very special planned for us! Think like the Laugh Yourself Skinny®Escape… but closer to home 🙂 More to come on this!

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