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I just wrapped up our Summer ESCAPE, which is a 2-day deeply transformational training with my clients where we focused on healing and strengthening their relationship with Self. 

Because overeating is a REJECTION of Self. It is a moment of self-betrayal and self-punishment. 

In order to truly heal your relationship with food, you must address the disloyalty towards yourself, which is exactly what we did together this weekend on the ESCAPE. 

Here is what a few of my clients said about their experience:

– “This has given me my power back.” – C.

– “I can see a path forward to escape from my emotional eating. All I now need to do is practice.” – M.

– “It was powerful to be in this community and do everything together.” – S.

But simply because you weren’t able to join us, doesn’t mean you have to miss out. I’ve opened 2 spots in my super squishy calendar to connect with women who feel called to heal the roots of their relationship with food and themselves so they can be free to fulfill their fullest potential and vision in life. 

If that’s you, click here to apply right now so we can connect and explore which of the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs is a fit for you. Keep in mind, the deeper and healthier connection you have with yourself, the more you will be free from your false connection with food. This is exactly the work we’ll do together so click here to grab one of those 2 spots so we can connect and discover your best next steps.

In service to your freedom,

P.S. If you’re reading this email and thinking, “yeah, there are defiantly times where I betray, deny, or abandon myself” then click here right now and grab one of those 2 spots for us to explore this more. We’ve got important work to do.

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