Meet Karen!

Meet Karen! I have this sense you two have a lot in common.

She works long hard hours, sometimes up at 5am, and is exhausted by the end of the day.

When she and I started working together last year she’d lose control with food in the evening, unable to resist the pull of sweets like brownies, cookies and cake.

She knew better.
She knew sugar wasn’t good for her.
She knew she shouldn’t eat it.
She is a health coach.

But, something inside of her always took over and she’d lose control.

Until one day, she experienced a massive shift.

Standing in line at Starbucks for her daily mid-afternoon coffee and snack break, she said to herself, “I’m not hungry. I’m tired.”

She graciously excused herself from line, took a seat an oversized leather chair and let herself close her eyes.

For emotional eaters, physical hunger and emotional hunger are tangled together. A complete mess of crossed wires in your brain that makes you feel hungry all the time. Or, even worse, no clue what hunger even is.

Which is everything  Digesting EmotionsTM is about: untangling these crossed wires and breaking free from the mess of thoughts and feelings that cause chaos and confusion with food.

In one of our most recent sessions Karen said, “Thanks to Digesting EmotionsTM I can finally understand what I’m truly hungry for…REST!”

Next week, I’ll be gathering with 14 amazing, powerful women for our Spring Escape From Emotional EatingTM retreat, called The Escape. I can’t wait to share the juice, the shifts and the transformational stories that happen when we gather together and break free from food.

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With all my heart,

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Thank you for helping to create this healing ripple effect.

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