Are you emotionally healthy?

Hey! Back when I was an emotional eater I was working out every day and eating as clean as I could because I thought that was the only way to heal my relationship with food. What I didn’t see was how emotionally unhealthy I was. 

I didn’t see how I would go through my busy, stressful life absorbing toxic feelings and energy that weren’t mine, like an oversaturated sponge. 

I didn’t see how I had no emotional resilience and how difficult experiences would take me out for days at a time. 

I didn’t see that getting sick all the time was my body’s way of giving me the space and rest that I so desperately needed but was scared and unwilling to give myself. 

Most of all I didn’t see how food was the MAJOR reason why I had become so emotionally unhealthy. 

Until one day, I woke up. I could finally see so clearly that every time the Universe presented me with a challenge, I would bypass it with food. 

As emotional eaters we don’t see challenges as the growth opportunities that they are. Instead we see them as painful experiences, places where we weren’t enough, so we reach for food to avoid the “pain”. 

But in truth what we really miss out on are opportunities for growth. 

In order to heal your emotional eating, you must become mentally and emotionally healthy. 

It’s why I created the tools that I personally use and now teach like The Fear Flush™ and Digesting Emotions® because as emotional eaters we need a healthier way to process, release and transform the difficult energies we experience.

We need to build our mental and emotional muscles so we can be resilient!   

When you do, your mind and soul will lighten up. 

And then your body will do the same. 

Best part is: you’ll no longer be carrying heavy emotional burdens (you weren’t meant to carry them in the first place!).

If you’re ready to work on your emotional fitness so you can be free from using food as an emotional refuge, submit your application by clicking here now and let’s connect.

Because, it’s not enough to just “feel your feelings” you must know how to transform them. 

And it’s not enough to just eat healthy and go to the gym. You must be emotionally and mentally fit too. 

Looking forward to showing you step-by-step how to do this so apply here now.

Talk to you soon!

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