did you google am I really an emotional eater?

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Have you been asking yourself, “Am I really an emotional eater?”

You’ve probably googled it, taken a quiz, and dove into what the internet has to say about emotional eating, but are still wondering…”Is emotional eating really my problem?” 

As your coach, here is the truth: These are the wrong questions to be asking. 

Because you don’t fit the typical stereotype of an emotional eater!

You are smart, successful, and know exactly what you should and shouldn’t be eating. 

You don’t have 100’s of pounds to lose, and you probably don’t eat 10 bags of potato chips every night or had some other messy, debilitating “rock bottom.” 

I remember being in your shoes and constantly asking myself that same question, “Am I an emotional eater?” Because I didn’t fit the typical extreme example, it delayed my ability to get support and find the right support. 

Which kept me trapped in the obsessive, compulsive, and confusing cycle with food.

Because I was so caught up in trying to answer that question and quite honestly did not want to have a label, I continued to try methods to eat healthier and work out more, which was a complete mismatch for me.

Because they had me avoiding getting to the deeper roots of what was going on with my relationship with food. 

Ultimately, that question delayed me from having the peace and freedom from food that I have now. And I bet it’s doing the same for you too. 

So instead of Am I an emotional eater? Try asking yourself this instead: 

Is my relationship with food holding me back from the life I want to live?

If you answered yes, then ask yourself…

Am I willing to continue to live out of integrity with myself?

If you’re ready to reclaim your power back from food so you can live your best, brightest life, then click here right now. We have important work to do. 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. If you’re still wondering if Escape From Emotional Eating is the right place and where you need to be, click here and submit this application. So many women tell me how just answering these questions is really helpful. 

If I receive your application and this is not where you need to be, then I’ll send you on your way with a recommendation or resource that can support you with what would be your best next step. 

Because at the end of the day, I want you to be living as your best and brightest self.


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