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eating for comfort?

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

When life gets hard, stressful, and overwhelming, do you eat for comfort

Comfort – the need for relief from pain, grief, or distress – is a normal healthy need. As humans, we all yearn for a sense of comfort. 

But, be honest: is the way you are comforting yourself truly healthy and supporting your highest good?

Back when I was an emotional eater, comforting myself was tangled up with self-destruction. When I craved comfort, I would eat the foods that tasted oh-so-good but would leave me feeling oh-so-sick.

After spending years trapped in the painful emotional eating cycle, I got clear on 2 very important things: 

1.  That in order to carry out my mission, I had to start functioning at a higher level. I didn’t want to keep eating foods or engaging in habits that made me feel sick. 

2. That I needed to learn how to comfort myself, without destroying my body, mind, or soul in the process.

Fast forward to today being 5 and a half years free from my compulsions with food…

Now when I crave comfort, I first turn to one of the signature tools that I created and teach in my Escape From Emotional Eating Programs, called Digesting Emotions®️

This simple, yet profound process, gives all who use it, true relief and release. My clients have told me how they can feel the weight of the world being lifted off of their shoulders, where they feel peace instead of pain.  

Digesting Emotions supports you in learning how to comfort yourself from within.

Because it doesn’t matter how many cookies you eat, how many walks in nature you take, or how much retail therapy you do, if you do not learn how to comfort yourself from within, you’ll never truly feel full. 

Click here to apply for a spot in one of my Escape From Emotional Eating Programs so you can finally feed your emotional needs without destroying yourself in the process

In service to your freedom,

P.S. If you are thinking, “I’ve been eating for comfort for so long, I’m kinda scared to give it up.” Then I’ve got GREAT news for you! In my Escape From Emotional Eating Programs, I work in a very unique way to heal the self-destructive cycle of emotional eating. 

It is what I call an Extinction Process. Meaning through our work together, your self-destruction habits will become less and less, until it is extinct – just like the dinosaurs! 🦖🦕 So release yourself from any unnecessary pressure that you have to be fully ready to “give it up” on day 1 of the program. Instead, honor the calling you feel inside to heal your relationship with food right now by clicking here and submitting your application. That way we can explore your best next steps together. 🦖💕🦕

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