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Do you eat birthday cake? What to do…

A few weeks ago, I was giving one of my “Put The Cookie Down” workshops about healing your relationship with food. At one part of the evening we found ourselves talking about one of my favorite things…birthday cake.

One woman was telling me about her it’s-my-birthday-I’ll-eat-as much-cake-as-I-want-to approach and I could totally relate.

Then she asked me, “What about you? What do you do about birthday cake?”

I paused for a second, reflecting on my plans for this birthday – which is this Friday by the way 😉 – and realized that since I had healed my relationship with food, I hadn’t had birthday cake.

It wasn’t that it was off limits or I didn’t trust myself with it or even that I hate cake. Because, honestly, who doesn’t love cake?!

But I noticed that I actually had something better than birthday cake.

It wasn’t so much about the cake itself, but it was the feelings I got from eating cake that I had once longed for.

A disconnection from routine, pleasure, love, excitement…that’s what cake felt like to me. And I knew if I could find a way to have that without spiraling into sugar cravings and stuffing myself silly, I’d be golden.

Now I’ve built my birthday to be an experience similar to a cake, but this lasts more than a few moments on my lips and forever on my hips.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ll be doing this weekend to celebrate:

I’m taking time OFF = this is my disconnection from routine

Scheduled time with family and friends = this is my feeling of love

Spending a weekend in my fav hotel in NYC = this is my feeling of pleasure

I booked a boudoir photoshoot (just for me) = this is my feeling of excitement/the “icing on the cake”

I found that when I built my birthday to give me the same feelings birthday cake gave me, I didn’t really even want it.

Because I was so full on life.

Even though you may not be joining me in person for my birthday extravaganzas, I wanted to make sure you got a little slice of “birthday cake” in this week’s J-ciniTV.

Now let me warn you… this is a complete disconnect from our usual routine and is full of love, pleasure and excitement!

I hear how much of a laugh you get from watching the bloopers each week, so for this special day, we put together some of the best bloopers from J-ciniTV.

So sit back, relax and enjoy a laugh with this slice of this J-ciniTV birthday cake:

Love, health and laughter,


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