how to leave food on your plate

How To Leave Food On Your Plate (Without Feeling Guilty!)

I didn’t come from a family that forced us to finish our plate before we could leave the table.

So when I sensed an overwhelming amount of guilt and shame when it came to leaving food on my plate, I really struggled with healing it.

For years I would overeat and tell myself, “oh it’s just a few extra bites. No big deal.”

But for me, a few extra bites quickly turned into 25 extra pounds.

I believe it’s important that we open up this conversation because this habit has very little to do with the tangible food. It has deeper roots than that.

In addition, our relationship with food is a mirror for how we do other things in life – like money, relationships, even our work.

So it’s more than just a few extra bites. And it is a big deal.

In this week’s episode of J-ciniTV, we start this healing journey together.

This is just the 1st step in learning how to trust your body and I’ve got your hand the whole way:

If you want more than just the 1st step, desire long lasting peace with food and want to know if one of the Laugh Yourself SkinnyTM programs is the right path for you, let’s connect for a complimentary Laugh Yourself SkinnyTM discovery session.

This is a complimentary 30 minute connection, my gift to you, reserved for women who are ready to receive high level support and get to the roots of your relationship with food. Your next step in receiving this powerful session is to fill out this application. Once submitted, I’ll personally review it. If I sense I can support you, a member of my team will reach out to get you scheduled.

Because it’s more than just food. And it is a big deal.

Love, health and laughter,


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