How are FOOD & MONEY are connected for you?

Hey! Did you know that your relationship with food is directly connected to your relationship with money?

This is something I’ve been teaching my clients for years, so much so that I’ve been teaching a 3-part bonus series on How To Heal Your Relationship With Money – because how you do food is how you do EVERYTHING!

I’m SO jazzed up about this because when you heal your emotional eating, everything gets better. Your finances, your career, your relationships…they all get healthier. 

This is one of the greatest gifts of healing our compulsion with food! 

Here’s a specific example of what I mean:

When I was an emotional eater, I was also a compulsive shopper. I would shop to soothe in the same way I would eat to soothe…compulsively buying things I didn’t need.

I would “consume” shoes, clothes and expensive handbags in the same way I would consume waaaay more food than my precious body needed.

Having a bunch of stuff gave me the same sense of safety and comfort that food did. 

In order to truly heal this, I had to learn how to create and maintain an INNER source of safety. Safety that wasn’t dependent on things outside of myself, like food and shoes.

When I did the deep inner work to establish that inner safety, I noticed that food was no longer the first thing I thought about when I woke up.

I no longer needed it.

I stopped overeating. I was finally present, conscious and connected to myself with food. 

I was able to honor my boundaries with food AND money. 

It was like all compulsion was lifted off my body and mind.

The very same safety tools I created and used to establish that inner safety back then are the very same tools I continue to use myself today. It’s also exactly what I teach all of my clients in each of my Escape From Emotional Eating programs.

Ready to clear out the force of compulsion in your relationship with food (and money)?

Click here right now and submit your application so we can connect and heal the roots of your emotional eating.

In service to your freedom,

PS. I have so much to share about the connection between food and money that next week I’ll be sharing a clip from the 3-part bonus series I’ve been teaching. My clients have been raving about how powerful and eye-opening this training has been. I’m so excited to share a taste of it with you next week…so stay tuned! 🙂

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