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How I Learned To Stop Working Out (And Love Movement!)

When I felt uncontrollable around food, I would use exercise as a way to erase what I had done in the past. At my most extreme, I was exercising 20 hours a week.

And nothing about it was fun.

Which looking back makes sense. Because for me, exercise was punishment.

It was punishment for eating too much. Punishment for not being thin enough yet. Punishment for eating one too many peanut M&M’s.

When I approached exercise this way, I never wanted to do it. And when I did, it felt like torture.

I would hear all the other girls I worked out with claim how it gave them great energy and endorphins all throughout the day.

But all I wanted to do afterwards was collapse into bed, completely exhausted.

Needless to say, I couldn’t keep this up for very long and one day I just stopped working out all together.

And you’re never going to believe THIS is what happened:

Completely counterintuitive, right?

But evidence that calories in, calories out doesn’t work.

It’s time to do things differently and Laugh Yourself Skinny.


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