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I wanted to make sure you saw this!

Guess what?!

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of doing TWO LYS segments on CBS!

And since September seems to take on a mini “new years resolution effect”, where everyone re-commits to their desires of slimming down and trades summertime sips and splurges for an effort to get back on track, I wanted to make sure you saw these segments because I sense what we talk about can really support you 🙂

In this first interview, I talk about what NOT to do when you notice your pants are tight and what to do instead. You can watch the replay of it here:

Diet Misstakes

AND in this second segment, I share with you 5 seemingly healthy foods that can turn unhealthy real fast. You can watch the replay of that here:

Jess On TV

I am very honored and grateful for these opportunities to support even more women with laughing themselves skinny! If you feel called, please share one or both of these with a loved one because I believe it’s time, more than ever, that we as women take our power back from food.

Supporting you every step of the way on this awesome journey,


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