What a dog can teach you about losing weight

What Your Dog Can Teach You About Losing Weight

I am bubbling over with joy and gratitude. Last week I hosted the first Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape where 9 women unplugged, rebooted and shed hundreds of pounds – physically, mentally and emotionally.

I love watching the transformation and their faces as they get their zest for life back all without starving themselves or working out 24/7.

Here’s a couple of scenes from the week:


While I love to travel and be with my clients in the flesh, it feels so good to be back home snuggling with my little pup CJ.

When I first rescued him, there were days would I would envy him. I mean, can you blame me? His first nap is at 9:30am and he lounges in the sun allll day.

And he NEVER worries about if his pants will fit.

Despite his freedom from weight worries, he’s taught me some very important lessons when it comes to finding fun while trying to drop 10 pounds.

In this week’s episode of J-ciniTV, CJ makes his debut to share his top 5 tips on how to Laugh Yourself SkinnyTM…

Thanks for tuning in!

Love, health & laughter,


P.S. Stay tuned for an upcoming recap of the amazing week we had on the Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape – with lots of pictures 😉 !

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