How to say no

How to Say No

I used to be the president of the People Pleasers club.

If someone asked me to do something, I’d pretty much drop everything and help him or her.

After all, it would make them happy. And of course I wanted them to be happy!

But after a while I started to notice how my impulse to say yes to everything would leave me overwhelmed, exhausted and depleted.

And when my batteries were low, I’d eat.

Then one day I realized not only was I sacrificing myself but also, as a result, I was gaining weight.

Since then, I’ve removed myself from the people pleaser group and have gotten much better at boundaries and saying no guilt-free.

At first it was uncomfortable, but then I came up with this trick that works like a charm.

My clients LOVE it…And I’m sure you will too!

It’s in this week’s J-cini TV.

Check it out here:

Now I’d like to hear from you!

What’s one place you’d like to use this approach? Leave a comment below so we can cheer you on!

Cheers to giving from a place of fullness rather than depletion.

Love, health and laughter,



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