How to survive the holidays

How To Survive Your Family (Without Binging On Cookies!)

Every year for Christmas, I head home to my parents’ house in Jersey.

While my brother and I have both been out of the house since our teens, we still spend Christmas Eve night sleeping at my parents like we are 2 little kids.

This year Zach and CJ are joining us and so is my brother’s wife Abby.

Having 6 adults and 2 dogs in one house should be…um…interesting.

I’m not knocking it. I love my family and am super excited to spend time with them.

But I also know me. And I need time alone.

And it can be a little challenging to find that during the holidays.

I’m not in my own space…my mom needs help in the kitchen…my dad will lecture me on the latest headline in the news…Know what I mean?

When family is literally on top of you during the holidays, emotional eating can easily slip into the scene to escape the tension, suffocation and boredom.

But don’t sweat.

In this week’s J-ciniTV episode, I give you 3 things you must do to steer clear of using cookies to scratch that “get me outta here” itch.

Here is a healthy way to escape the pressures of being “on” in front of your family:

Be sure to report back on how this works for you by commenting below!

Love, health and laughter,


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