My Top 3 Fav Meal Delivery Companies 


Here’s a fun fact you may not know about me… I hate to cook. 

So if there’s any part of you that’s still believing the myth that you have to eat healthy, clean (ie. perfect), and become a slave to meal prep to heal your relationship with food… allow me to liberate you from that lie – you don’t have to. 

Especially, if you’re like me and would rather have someone pluck all your toenails off than spend an hour on your feet in the kitchen. 

Once I stopped trying to force myself to do something that wasn’t aligned with my unique strengths and started to own my “cooking is not for me” truth, I started to develop what I now call “food integrity”

For example, food integrity for me looks like support/sharing the responsibility with someone/something other than myself WHILE ALSO not sacrificing the quality of food I need. 

Side note: most women will have 1 need met only to sacrifice another need out of fear of being “too much”. This can look like ordering takeout that leaves you with bellyaches and bloat. 

I wasn’t willing to do that. 

So, I now have a strong skill for creating unconventional ways to outsource, delegate, and receive outside support when it came to food AND for that food to support me (rather than sabotage me). 

So today, I’m giddy to share with you my top 3 meal delivery companies. 


Consider this the Rolls Royce of meal delivery. I’ve been a subscriber of theirs on and off since 2017 (I think). Their ingredients are at the tippy-top of top quality.

With my nutrition background, I really appreciate how they incorporate so many superfoods into their like spurlina, chlorophyl, and reshi mushrooms. 

One of my favorite meals is their High Vibe Honeydew Salad. 😛

Click here for a Friends & Family discount.


If Sakara is a Rolls Royce, Thistle is the Honda Pilot. A good mid-range vehicle that’s reliable without a ton of luxurious bells and whistles. I’ve been personally receiving meals from Thistle for a few months now. 

I really appreciate that they give a discount for healthcare professionals (nurses!), education providers (teachers!), nutritionists (my fellow certified health coaches too!), and even students!  

This week I had their Vadouvan Curry with Red Lentils for lunch – delicious! 

Click here for a Friends & Family discount.


I have to depart from my car ranking analogy for this next one because it’s local here to Philadelphia. BUT, I intentionally chose to include it to inspire you to do a little research to what is available in your local area.

Over the years more and more small businesses are popping up to help families bring nutritious and delicious meals to the table, you just gotta look for it! 

If you’re in and around the Philly area, Reap is a lovely little grab-n-go spot just 7 blocks from my house (I love my neighborhood!). You can pop in for a smoothie, snack, or a salad but they also have meal delivery for many in the local area.

– – 

Ok! I hope something in here has inspired you to use food as the nourishing asset it can be!

If you have any questions about these resources, shoot me an email because I’ve personally used them all and continue to! 

In service to your freedom, 

P.S.  A VERY Important Note: For women who strive for excellence (that’s me and you!), it’s crucial to stay out of an “all or nothing” mindset when it comes to food. 

For example: I do not get all my meals from any of these resources. What works best for me (and my family, schedule, energy, budget, etc.) is using resources like these to supplement intentionally.

For me, I mainly order my lunches during the workweek when I want to be taken care of so I can take care of others

What this looks like in my day-to-day is: I make my own breakfast (making oatmeal isn’t cooking to me). I’ll sometimes purchase 3-ish lunches and a few snacks each week. This gives me enough food flexibility (sometimes I just really want a peanut butter sandwich) while also knowing I have something on hand I don’t have to make. 

Adapt this inspiration as needed! 🙂

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