listening to your intuition about emotional eating

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

When it comes to healing your relationship with food, what has your intuition been telling you? 

Perhaps you suspect you’ve needed to learn better, healthier ways to cope with your stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. 

Or after another night of stress eating, you say to yourself, “I can’t keep doing this.”

Or you’ve had an inner knowing that healing your emotional eating is the next step you are meant to take…

But you’ve been resisting it. Overriding and denying the fact that you’ve felt the inner nudges or heard your inner voice. 

If this is you, I invite you to click here right now and apply for an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session. It’s time to stop overriding your intuition and, instead, start listening to her! 

At this point, you may be noticing your fear-based voice starting to scream. Saying things like, “we can’t do this right now,” or “you’re already so busy,” or “come on, emotional eating is fun (sometimes)”.

This is a powerful choice point. 

Will you choose to listen to your intuition who always has your best interests at heart? Who has been nudging you for months now to do something different? 

Or will you choose to listen to your fears? Which will flood you with more anxiety than you already have and continues the chaotic cycle of “I know what I should be doing but….” 

As your coach, I highly recommend listening to your intuition and moving into action with whatever she says. 

Because every time you honor your intuition by letting her lead you, you are honoring yourself. Your Highest Self.

When you listen and act on your internal knowing, your gut sense, everything always works out in the end. 

Listening to your intuition, especially when it comes to your personal health and desires, is a skill that we strengthen in our work together. It’s what is needed to overcome your compulsive mind.

So let’s start this practice now. 

If your intuition has been telling you, “You’ve got to heal your relationship with food. It’s time.” then click here right now & let’s start this healing journey together. 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. You might be wondering, “How do you know if you are truly acting from intuition vs. fear?” 

Short Answer: By taking action. 
It’s just like learning any new skill. Like swimming for example. You can’t learn to swim by just talking about it. You have to get in the pool. Click here now. It’s time to jump in! 

P.P.S. For many of the women I work with, working with their intuition is super strong in one area of their life, like with work for example. But, they are disconnected from it when it comes to their relationship with themselves and food. We must repair this disconnect. Click here to do that now. 

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