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This is what’s missing

8 years ago I’d wake up at 5:30am every. single. day. to workout. Not just a gentle stretch, one of those insane workouts that burned 700+ calories before 7am.

I did this consistently (perhaps you and I used to workout together 😉).  Yet, I felt SO out of control with food, my body and my life no matter how hard I pushed or worked.

Today, instead of going to the physical gym, I spend my mornings in the “mental gym”. I do a series of practices and exercises that detox my crappy thoughts and heavy emotions.

The more I stay out of the crack den of my mind, the less my food demons come out to torture me.

Now this shocked me the most: my time in the mental gym has paid off waaaaay more than the physical one.

I’m 5 sizes smaller, have triple the energy I have, and I’m no longer a raging b*tch on the edge of a breakdown. Best part, I have healed my emotional eating.

Everyone touts eat healthy and working out. Yet, from my personal experience and years of research, what’s missing is healing the mental aspects of your relationship with food that truly creates peace in your mind, your body and your soul.

I believe this so deeply. It is my life’s work. And everything we do in our Escape From Emotional Eating programs and retreats.

With love,

PS. Wanna workout in the mental gym together so you too can be free from your inner food demons? YES! Submit this form and we’ll schedule a time to connect and deeply discover if one of the levels of support here at Escape From Emotional Eating is a fit for you. <3

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