Why we numb with food

Hi There! Our 3-day transformational training retreat, called The ESCAPE starts tomorrow. I can’t wait to lead it! It’s going to be POWERFUL!

We’ll be getting to the roots of why we numb with food.

It’s what most people refuse to look at.

So I’m super proud of the Escapees I’m serving in-person this week and their willingness to walk through the fire of life to be here.

When we stop deadening the pain of difficult experiences we also stop numbing our experiences of love, joy, peace, belonging and creativity.

Love, joy, peace, belonging and creativity are what feed your spirit.

It’s what you’re really hungry for.

And on our ESCAPES it’s all about uncrossing your wires so you can feel safe choosing what nourishes you instead of what poisons you.

Feel free to follow along on my personal Facebook and Instagram pages. I’ll be posting some pictures and videos along the way… but not too many because this work is best done in a safe, sacred space, behind closed doors ;-). See you after the ESCAPE!

With love,

PS. Wanna explore how joining us on our next ESCAPE will help you feed your soul? YES! Submit this form so we can set up a time to discovery if the ESCAPE is your next step to escape from emotional eating and finally feed your soul!

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