will you celebrate with me?

June 9, 2019

Hi!  Escape From Emotional Eating is turning 8 years old! Will you celebrate with me?

To think this all started from my own frustrations with healing my emotional eating…

The lack of specific support that was available to me at the time…

The fact that Overeaters Anonymous never resonated with me…

The 932 hours I spent in therapy that never touched my compulsions with food…

The professionals I saw that just wanted to put me on anti-depressants… 

And the fierce inner knowing that I was already numbing myself with food — I didn’t want to be numb anymore.

So when I healed my relationship with food I knew there just had to be other people out there like me who were desperately seeking a different approach, one that gets to the roots of emotional eating, so they can be free. 

Now here we are 8 years, 9 retreats and hundreds and hundreds of clients served.

Whether we just met or you’ve been on this journey with me since I opened the doors, I wanted to thank you. 

I am so grateful that we are connected.

Helping others heal the roots of their emotional eating is my life’s work and I am deeply dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. 

Ready to take the next step on your healing journey so you can finally have peace with food? Click here to submit your application and let’s connect to explore the possibilities!

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life in the emotional eating cycle.  

You can escape it. 

I did. 

And it would be an honor to teach you how to Escape From Emotional Eating too. 

With deep love and gratitude,

PS.  Even though you know you need this help to end your emotional eating, your mind with kick and scream…doing anything to avoid it. As your coach, my high recommendation is to not allow any obstacles that arise (especially your own fear-based mind) to get in your way. Click here, submit your application and I’ll hold your hand every step of the way. Talk soon XO!

The ESCAPE: retreat for emotional eating

May 17, 2019


Just wanted to take a moment and say hello as I’m preparing to lead one of my ESCAPE retreats next week! This will be my 9th one – woah! 

I got clear very early on that what emotional eaters need to heal the roots of their emotional eating is an immersive, nourishing, get-it-in-your-cells experience. It’s the best way to transform! 

My ESCAPEs are unlike any other health retreat you’ve attended before. We do the deep inner work to root out compulsive behaviors with food and lay in new habits and neuropathways so your peace with food continues (and is so much easier) when you go home. 

Plus, The ESCAPE gives you the opportunity to fast from the chaos of your busy, stressful life. To press pause on your worries, thoughts and concerns. To have a quiet place to lie down and indulge in the sacred. And to break self-destructive patterns and habits.

Everyone who comes to the ESCAPE leaves deeply changed. 

If you’ve ever thought about joining us, apply now. 

Let’s explore if one of the upcoming ESCAPEs is a right next step for you! 

Please know that my retreats are not stand alone experiences. Instead they are a part of the various levels of support and accountability I offer in my transformational programs because we need more than just 3 days together to heal your relationship with food. Happy to share all that info with you when we connect to explore this possibility! 

Apply now.

Looking forward to connecting with you when I get back from the ESCAPE! 

With love,

PS. This ESCAPE we’ll be specifically looking at transforming the energy state of hyper-vigilance and healing the ways you use food for soothing and safety. Join us next time – Apply now! 

Too much on your plate?

April 7, 2019

Is your busy, stressful life getting in your way of healing your relationship with food? 

Perhaps you start your day with the best intentions. But then something comes up.

Something always comes up. 

Unexpected meetings get scheduled. 

Your kid gets sick. 

You dog gets a nasty bout of diarrhea and is pooping all over the house.  

It’s just TOO. MUCH. 

But can’t you feel it?

Life is moving in a warp speed and only getting faster, busier. Seems like every day there’s so much MORE to manage. EEK! 

Here’s the honest truth: 

Life isn’t going to get any easier.

You just have to manage it differently – in a much better way than using food to take the edge off. 

That’s why in all the Escape From Emotional Eating programs and retreats, I start with teaching you energy management tools so that stress, anxiety and life’s chaos doesn’t trigger you to overeat.

That way, no matter what is going on in your life, it doesn’t cost you your health, happiness and doesn’t interfere with healing your emotional eating

I know there’s a lot on your plate. That’s why it’s imperative that your mind be clear and your body be light so you can RISE to the challenge while keeping peace in your heart.

Instead of eating your frustrations. 

I know you can.

With love,

PS. Food no longer giving you the deep peace you truly desire? Simply submit your application here and let’s connect so I can show you step-by-step how to heal the deep roots of your relationship with food so food can be fuel and you can escape from emotional eating. 

I used to stress eat in the evening. Here’s what I did about it.

March 24, 2019


I used to stress eat so much in the evening.  When I would wake up the next morning, I’d skip breakfast. Partly because I was still in a food coma from the night before and partly because it was my valiant effort to save calories.  

But one of the most shocking things I found out, through my own emotional eating healing journey, was that skipping breakfast was exacerbating my overeating in the evening. 

I discovered that our bodies have a natural hunger rhythm. The same way your heart beats without you needed to micromanage it, your body has a natural intelligence signaling when you’re hungry. 

And when you’re full. 

Problem is stress, anxiety, email, the kids, the dog, instagram, old patterns, limiting beliefs, childhood trauma, etc.… when left unmanaged cuts the connection between you and your body. 

You don’t need portion control and other schemes to learn how to eat. You already know how the same way your heart knows how to beat. 

You simply have to learn how to manage all the things that block you from your body’s intelligence. Then, and most of all, learn how to trust it.

That’s why I created the Escape From Emotional Eating Energy Management Tools and teach them to each of my clients right from the very beginning of our healing journey together, so peace becomes your new normal

The other shocking thing I learned from healing my emotional eating? That you don’t have to spend the rest of your life in the emotional eating cycle.  

You can escape it. 

I did. 

And it’d be an honor to teach you how to Escape From Emotional Eating too. 

Take your first step to true freedom from food by filling out this application right here

 I’ll see you on the other side! 

To your one precious body & your one sacred life, 

PS. What you resist persists. That’s why emotional eating is a cycle. Only when you heal the deep roots of this toxic cycle with food are you fully free from food. Submit your application now and let’s set you free. ☺️

what Dr. Deepak Chopra told me

March 10, 2019


Dr. Deepak Chopra shared the results of this research study with me a long time ago. Now it’s time for me to pass this along to you 🙂 

He told me that an Ohio University study of heart disease was conducted where they fed quite toxic, high-cholesterol diets to rabbits. 

This was done to to block their arteries, duplicating the effect that the same diet has on our human arteries. 

He told me consistent results appeared in all the rabbit groups except for one, which strangely displayed 60% fewer symptoms. 

Nothing in the rabbits’ physiology could account for their high tolerance to the diet. 

UNTIL… it was discovered by accident that the person who was in charge of feeding these particular rabbits liked to cuddle and pet them.

He would hold each rabbit lovingly for a few minutes before feeding it.  

Astonishingly, this alone seemed to enable the animals to overcome the toxic diet! 

They repeated this experiment multiple times and came up with similar results.

What is this secret weapon that can penetrate even the darkest, most toxic experiences? It is love. 

It is only when LOVE is channeled through human beings like the person loving the rabbits, or like my Escape From Emotional Eating Community & Retreats, where space is created for increased compassion, understanding and transformation, that the shameful toxic darkness of emotional eating can be penetrated.

I have seen this happen year after year in the people who step into my community for support and attend my ESCAPEs.

People who swore that they’d always need to lock up naughty foods are suddenly able to eat one of something – one bowl, one piece, one bite. 

People who have been constantly thinking about food are suddenly able to have inner peace as if their compulsions have been lifted from their mind and body.  

Even those who have worked through their emotional eating, are still coming year after year. They tell me it’s like coming home. 

If you’re interested in learning more about my powerful, compassionate and transformational programs and learn more about what I actually do on my retreats called The ESCAPE, I’d be happy to connect with you to explore more.

Submit your application now so we can break your emotional eating cycle.  

I know from experience that you don’t have to spend the rest of your life in the emotional eating cycle.  You can escape it. 

Take your first step to true freedom from food by filling out this application right here.  

 I’ll see you on the other side! 

To your one precious body & your one sacred life, 

Tomorrow 7:30am!

February 26, 2019


Let’s start your day together and heal your relationship with food! Tune in Tomorrow morning to the Wake Up With Wio show at 7:30am Eastern! 

I’ll be talking about stress eating, emotional eating (what it really is!), and how to heal your relationship with food. 

Here’s how to watch:

  1. Follow Work It Out on Instagram.
  2. Set your alarm for tomorrow morning: Wednesday, February 27 – 7:30AM! 
  3. Open instagram and watch the show live stream via instagram live!

If you have to get the kids off to school or are still sleeping, the episode will be live for 24 hours after it airs. 

I invite you to watch live because so much can change when our energy is connected AND your day will be SO different when we start it by healing your relationship with food! 

I’d love to hear what resonates with you and your big takeaways too! 


Ok, I’ll see you then! 

PS. Sense someone you know could benefit from tuning in? Forward this email to them! 
Thank you for contributing to this healing ripple effect!


February 17, 2019

I thought that if I hired a private chef it would be my ticket to freedom from emotional eating. So when I finally did, I was shocked that it didn’t save me. Not. At. All…I had it all wrong.

I had my chef cook everything for me…breakfast, lunch, dinner…even snacks! Gluten and dairy free. The food was as clean as it could get.

I would finish dinner — cooked by my very own private chef! —and then I would get the PULL.

The PULL to the pantry.

The PULL to the chocolate.

The PULL to eat more (even though I was already physically full).


I knew better. But the PULL… I was a victim of this overwhelming force.

That’s when I realized food wasn’t my problem. It was my mind, my heart & my soul that needed help.

When I started to approach food differently and committed myself to healing from the inside out (instead of seeking superficial answers in clean eating), the PULL disappeared…as if it had been magically lifted out of my life.

My mind was clear, even peaceful. I was no longer cycling in a circus of crazy thoughts about food. Food shifted to being fuel… a nourishing asset to my soul.

From there, I could finally focus on things I was really passionate about, like helping other women Escape From Emotional Eating.

So, if you’ve ever felt the PULL, where you too fall victim to this overwhelming force to eat more even though you know better, then I invite you to have a deeper conversation about this by filling out this application right now for an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery session.

I know from experience that you don’t have to live the rest of your life fighting the PULL. You can escape it.

Take your first step to true freedom from food by filling out this application right here.

I’ll see you on the other side!

To your one precious body & your one sacred life,

PS. I only have 1 spot open in my schedule for a powerful private conversation to explore how to Escape From Emotional Eating. So if what you read resonated with you, submit your application right now.

I just have to brag about this!

February 3, 2019

Hello from the ESCAPE!

My 3-day transformational retreat – it starts tomorrow – I can’t wait!

And I’m SO proud of the Escapees I’m serving in-person this week and their willingness show up no matter what – they are SO busy so the fact they are here (and some have flown halfway across the world to be here!) is a really big deal! I just have to brag about this!

They know that when we come together in-person in our sacred space that I create for increased compassion, understanding and transformation, they will experience deep cellular change – something they can’t get from an audio training, video or book. 

And in spite of their busy demanding lives…

They’ve chosen to show up to honor the part of them that deeply desires to be free from compulsive and unconscious patterns.

They’ve chosen to show up to honor the part of them who deeply desires to feel like their healthiest self.

They’ve chosen to show up to honor the part of them who deeply desires to be at peace in their mind, in their body and in their soul.


I share this with you because I know you too deeply desire these things.

So, I invite you to join me on my next ESCAPE! Simply apply here now.

Then, we’ll connect privately about this when I get back. 🙂

Even if attending a retreat for yourself feels radical, impossible even, apply now and we’ll create a plan.

With love,

PS. I lead multiple ESCAPE retreats a year so I’ll share all the dates, details and options with you when we connect! Apply here now and I’ll call you to schedule something when I get back next week. XO

PPS. Check out the sunrise I caught on our last ESCAPE – breathtaking, right? It felt like the Universe was giving me a great big hug. Just one of the many nourishing, magical and miraculous moments from our retreats. Apply now so you can experience more nourishing, magical and miraculous moments and we can heal your relationship with food together.

Are you emotionally healthy?

January 27, 2019

Hey! Back when I was an emotional eater I was working out every day and eating as clean as I could because I thought that was the only way to heal my relationship with food. What I didn’t see was how emotionally unhealthy I was. 

I didn’t see how I would go through my busy, stressful life absorbing toxic feelings and energy that weren’t mine, like an oversaturated sponge. 

I didn’t see how I had no emotional resilience and how difficult experiences would take me out for days at a time. 

I didn’t see that getting sick all the time was my body’s way of giving me the space and rest that I so desperately needed but was scared and unwilling to give myself. 

Most of all I didn’t see how food was the MAJOR reason why I had become so emotionally unhealthy. 

Until one day, I woke up. I could finally see so clearly that every time the Universe presented me with a challenge, I would bypass it with food. 

As emotional eaters we don’t see challenges as the growth opportunities that they are. Instead we see them as painful experiences, places where we weren’t enough, so we reach for food to avoid the “pain”. 

But in truth what we really miss out on are opportunities for growth. 

In order to heal your emotional eating, you must become mentally and emotionally healthy. 

It’s why I created the tools that I personally use and now teach like The Fear Flush™ and Digesting Emotions® because as emotional eaters we need a healthier way to process, release and transform the difficult energies we experience.

We need to build our mental and emotional muscles so we can be resilient!   

When you do, your mind and soul will lighten up. 

And then your body will do the same. 

Best part is: you’ll no longer be carrying heavy emotional burdens (you weren’t meant to carry them in the first place!).

If you’re ready to work on your emotional fitness so you can be free from using food as an emotional refuge, submit your application by clicking here now and let’s connect.

Because, it’s not enough to just “feel your feelings” you must know how to transform them. 

And it’s not enough to just eat healthy and go to the gym. You must be emotionally and mentally fit too. 

Looking forward to showing you step-by-step how to do this so apply here now.

Talk to you soon!

I was paralyzed by my fear.

January 14, 2019

Hey! When I first committed to healing my emotional eating, I wasn’t excited about it. At all. In truth, I was paralyzed by my fear. 

I was scared it wouldn’t happen for me – no matter what I tried. 

I was scared to feel my feelings – like they would swallow me whole and I’d never make it out alive. 

I was scared to not have my routine of eating my favorite soothing comfort foods – what do I do instead? 

But I said yes and committed to my healing in spite of the fury of fear that kicked and screamed. I truly believe I was guided by something greater than myself to make this change. 

Through my healing journey I discovered many deeper levels about my fear and it’s connection to food (which I now teach in-depth in all my programs and retreats). 

What I discovered was that it wasn’t my favorite foods that I was afraid of giving up. 

What was really at the root of my fear was the fear of dying to my old self. 

Who would I be if I no longer spent my nights stuffing myself? 

What would it feel like to feel satiated? Not stuffed? 

Now having been free from emotional eating for over 3 years – yes, I can confidently claim that – Who I am today is so much better than I could have ever imagined. 




That’s who I am now (and so much more) and I absolutely see that for you too. 

You were not put on this planet to suffer nor fight with food. You were meant to walk lightly through this life with a relaxed sense of joy (yes, even in the most difficult of times). 

So if you want to heal your emotional eating but have a fury of fear about it, I invite you to an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session so we can get to the roots of it and lay out your best next steps. 

My work goes way beyond traditional health coaching so you can bet your fears will be transformed from our connection. That’s my intention. 

So looking forward to this time together. 

Talk to you soon! 

With love,

PS. Who would you be if you no longer ate when you were stressed, anxious or overwhelmed? If you answered, “I don’t know” I invite you to submit your app now and let’s find out together!

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