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June 3, 2018

Hey! So excited to share with you some amazing transformations from our Spring ESCAPE last week!

See, when love is channeled through an intimate community, like our ESCAPE retreats, where space is created for increased compassion, understanding and deep healing of the root causes for why you numb with food, we’re able to penetrate the toxic darkness and deep transformation occurs.
Here are just a few things people are saying about their ESCAPE experience:

Something finally clicked and I’m able to eat one of something instead of handfulls.”

“In our 4 days together, my relationship with my anxiety has completely shifted and I didn’t have ANY anxiety when I ate lunch today!”

“I realized I’ve been carrying this emotional burden around with me for 48 years. Today, I have finally been able to let it go.”

Of course, our deep work together getting to the roots of emotional eating manifests in the physical form, too: one woman lost 5 pounds from the ESCAPE, and another had to buy pants 2 sizes smaller when she got home.

Exciting! And all of this is just the beginning for them.

And for you too!

In the next few weeks I’ll be opening the doors for the last few spots for our upcoming Fall ESCAPE so stay tuned for more details coming your way soon!


With love,

Why we numb with food

May 20, 2018

Hi There! Our 3-day transformational training retreat, called The ESCAPE starts tomorrow. I can’t wait to lead it! It’s going to be POWERFUL!

We’ll be getting to the roots of why we numb with food.

It’s what most people refuse to look at.

So I’m super proud of the Escapees I’m serving in-person this week and their willingness to walk through the fire of life to be here.

When we stop deadening the pain of difficult experiences we also stop numbing our experiences of love, joy, peace, belonging and creativity.

Love, joy, peace, belonging and creativity are what feed your spirit.

It’s what you’re really hungry for.

And on our ESCAPES it’s all about uncrossing your wires so you can feel safe choosing what nourishes you instead of what poisons you.

Feel free to follow along on my personal Facebook and Instagram pages. I’ll be posting some pictures and videos along the way… but not too many because this work is best done in a safe, sacred space, behind closed doors ;-). See you after the ESCAPE!

With love,

PS. Wanna explore how joining us on our next ESCAPE will help you feed your soul? YES! Submit this form so we can set up a time to discovery if the ESCAPE is your next step to escape from emotional eating and finally feed your soul!

This is what’s missing

May 13, 2018

8 years ago I’d wake up at 5:30am every. single. day. to workout. Not just a gentle stretch, one of those insane workouts that burned 700+ calories before 7am.

I did this consistently (perhaps you and I used to workout together 😉).  Yet, I felt SO out of control with food, my body and my life no matter how hard I pushed or worked.

Today, instead of going to the physical gym, I spend my mornings in the “mental gym”. I do a series of practices and exercises that detox my crappy thoughts and heavy emotions.

The more I stay out of the crack den of my mind, the less my food demons come out to torture me.

Now this shocked me the most: my time in the mental gym has paid off waaaaay more than the physical one.

I’m 5 sizes smaller, have triple the energy I have, and I’m no longer a raging b*tch on the edge of a breakdown. Best part, I have healed my emotional eating.

Everyone touts eat healthy and working out. Yet, from my personal experience and years of research, what’s missing is healing the mental aspects of your relationship with food that truly creates peace in your mind, your body and your soul.

I believe this so deeply. It is my life’s work. And everything we do in our Escape From Emotional Eating programs and retreats.

With love,

PS. Wanna workout in the mental gym together so you too can be free from your inner food demons? YES! Submit this form and we’ll schedule a time to connect and deeply discover if one of the levels of support here at Escape From Emotional Eating is a fit for you. <3

The truth.

April 29, 2018

It’s a common misconception about my work that you can’t eat cookies, cake or french fries if you heal your emotional eating. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Because the work I do is NOT about what you’re eating.

It’s about WHY you’re eating that.

It’s about clearing out the compulsion underneath the food so you no longer have those times of “I know I shouldn’t be eating this, but I’m doing it anyway”.

It’s about clearing out the suffering (fear, anxiety, stress) that’s at the root of our choices with food.

It’s about taking your power back so you can choose what nourishes you instead of what poisons you.

The work I do goes waaaaay beyond traditional health coaching and is very unique, powerful and sacred. It’s a healing journey for your body, mind and soul.

So if you think creating a peaceful healthy relationship with food will put you into a more difficult food jail than you’re already in, it’s not true.

Freedom and peace don’t come from more suffering.

It just doesn’t make sense.

And it’s not the way to Escape From Emotional Eating®.

With love,

PS. Want to create a peaceful healthy relationship with food? YES! Just fill out this form and either myself or a member of my team will get you all set up so we can connect privately to see if the body-mind-and-soul-changing work we do makes sense for you. XO

When pigs fly

April 15, 2018

HI, are you beginning to feel that having peace with food is impossible?

That you’ve tried so many diets and have logged years of therapy, and escaping from emotional eating feels like a “yeah right…when pigs fly”.

I personally remember that feeling. It hit me like a ton of bricks at the bottom of the deep, dark pit of despair with food.

And nearly every client I’ve worked with, especially those to attend our 3-day transformational retreat called the ESCAPE, has sworn to me that escaping emotional eating is impossible too.

Like we’ve all been a part of this secret “when pigs fly” club!

Yet, over the 7+ years I’ve been leading our retreats, The ESCAPE, miracles have happened.

Women who swore they couldn’t keep food in their house are finally able to eat one of something – one bowl, one piece, one bite.

Women who were beaten down by their inner food demons finally have peace with food.

Women who had never been able to lose weight finally find their clothes to be baggy and their waistbands loose.

That’s the power of the ESCAPE.

And our next one is coming up May 21-23!

Wanna explore the possibility of joining us? YES! Simply fill out this form and let’s connect to explore if this is the path for you to have peace with food.

I can tell you, that when we take a different approach and address the root causes of your overeating, which we do in all our Escape From Emotional Eating programs and retreats, our bodies and minds heal much more quickly than we ever thought possible.

That’s how pigs really do fly.

Hoink hoink!

With love,

PS. We only have a 3 spots left in our Spring ESCAPE so don’t put this off! Submit your application right now by clicking here so we can connect ASAP and explore this powerful path to creating peace with food!

Precious gift for you inside

April 1, 2018

HI! Did you eat too much this weekend?  Then you’ll want to listen to this special training (my gift to you!) right away.

In this uplifting interview with yours truly you’ll learn:

  •  Why diets, meal plans and 932 hours of therapy don’t create peace with food (and what to do instead)
  • How to stop eating when you’re frustrated and being frustrated when you eat
  • How to address specific food triggers so you can be at peace in your mind, body and with food

More than anything, I want you to know that no matter how persuasive those demonic voices can be telling you to give up, indulge and just have a fat day, there is an alternative to the demons.

You CAN have peace in your mind, in your body and with food. That is what Escape From Emotional Eating is all about.

Supporting you every step of the way,

PS. Want to be free from your inner food demons? YES! Submit this form and we’ll schedule a time to connect more deeply and discover if one of the levels of support here at Escape From Emotional Eating is a fit for you. <3

This was so hard to swallow

March 18, 2018

The first time I discovered I was an emotional eater, it was very hard to swallow. I thought you had to eat 10 bags of potato chips to be an emotional eater. Or finish a whole box of donuts.

My behavior with food didn’t show up in quite those extremes.

Except for that one time…I did eat a whole box of chocolate chip cookies.

Without the insight that I was emotionally eating, I was kept in the dark, and stayed stuck trying diet after diet and failing at each one. Miserably.  

It’s what kept me locked in the illusion that burning 1400 calories a day was the way to freedom.

Most of all, NOT knowing I was an emotional eater wasted a tremendous amount of time, energy and money.

Because my real problem with food was that I overate.

I ate when I was stressed, anxious, scared, overstimulated, angry, upset or just plain bored.

I was NOT using food to fuel my body. I was using it to a way to cope with my anxiety, numb my nerves and escape my busy, stressful, overwhelming life.

Which is exactly what emotional eating is! It’s using food for a purpose other than fuel.

It wasn’t until I started to approach my relationship with food with the understanding that I was emotionally eating (even if I hadn’t eaten 10 bags of potato chips), that I saw a radical shift in my body and my mind.

I lost 45 pounds working out less than I ever had before.

I could keep food in my house without overdoing it.

And the burden on my mind from constantly thinking about food were lifted.

That’s why I’m so passionate about educating people about what emotional eating really is, so you can finally have peace with food. Because as emotional eaters, we need a different approach.

One that’s much deeper than the surface approaches you’ve tried in the past.
Now it’s your turn.

Are you an emotional eater?

If you’re unclear, I invite you to watch this short video and take this quiz to discover more deeply what’s going on in your relationship with food. Click here to watch now:

And if you’re short on time, skip right to the quiz at 3:50 in.

Don’t put this off.

It’s that important.

Sending you love,

PS. Already sense you’re an emotional eater? I recommend that you watch this video and take the quiz too because there may be something in there that makes all the difference for you. Click here now:

Peace of cake

March 4, 2018

Hi; Tuesday is my birthday which jogs my memory that my favorite thing about this day, back when I was an emotional eater used to be: CAKE.

I would get so excited just thinking of all the cake I would eat with my family, and the frosty cupcakes my coworkers would surprise me with, and all the delicious sweets I’d receive from friends.

When I was finally ready to break outta food jail and heal my overeating, I had a real fear that I would have to give up my favorite foods!

It wasn’t until I dedicated myself to healing my compulsive habitual behavior with food that I developed a way we can have our cake and eat it too (without feeling crazy and standing in the kitchen while no one’s looking).

It’s a unique approach.

It’s not the 80/20 rule.
It’s not using special occasions to justify food, by saying “it’s my birthday, so let me eat whatever I want”.
It’s a different approach that comes from clearing out all the internal compulsive energy that has become associated with food. And putting food back as fuel.

It’s everything I now teach in our Escape From Emotional Eating programs.

I know for myself, and my clients, that we don’t want to live a life where we have to hide from food. That feels harder and scarier than the food hell we all were in.

That’s why at every one of our ESCAPE retreats we have dessert with lunch, because you have to learn a different way to interact with food. And on the ESCAPE, we practice it together.

I’ve done this with hundreds of women and those who swore to me that they’d always need to lock up the sweets, suddenly were able to eat one of something.

No more crazy.
No more compulsion.

Simply inner peace with food.

Because isn’t that the way life (and cake) should be?

Sending you love (and PEACE),

PS. Curious if our 3-day transformational retreats called THE ESCAPE are the path to finally end your fight with food? Then let’s connect and explore more! We have just a few spots left for our next ESCAPE (May 21-23) so click here and submit your app now!

PPS. I’ll be taking a few days off to celebrate my birthday (it’s my fav way to celebrate now – much better than any cake) so I’ll review your application as soon as I get back and then we’ll schedule a time to connect further. XO
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Too much on your plate?

February 24, 2018

Is life getting in your way? Perhaps you have the best intentions to go that restorative yoga class, make healthier food choices or journal more often.

But something keeps coming up. 

You got into a car accident.
Your dog is sick.
Work is super busy.

There’s just too much on your plate. 

In the 7+ years I’ve been helping women turn food back into fuel instead of using it to cope with their busy, stressful lives, I’ve watched woman after woman (and a few men too!) abandon themselves and their health when life gets crazy. 

I’ve seen them twist their challenging circumstances, use it as a false sign, and feed the fear story of “I can’t because ______”.

I can’t because I got in a car accident.
I can’t because my dog is sick.
I can’t because work is crazy busy.

They’ll follow it up with “when life slows down, then, THEN I can focus on healing my overeating”.

But can’t you feel it?

Life is moving in a warp speed and only getting faster, busier and more insane.

Life isn’t going to get any easier.
You just have to manage it differently.

That’s why in all the Escape From Emotional Eating programs and retreats, we start with teaching you energy management tools so that stress, anxiety and life’s crap doesn’t trigger you to overeat.

That way, no matter what is going on in your life, you can stay on track. 

Because when there’s a lot of crap on your plate, it’s imperative that your mind be clear and your body be light so you can see creative possibilities that you weren’t able to before.

And most of all, so you can sleep at night!

So the next time life hands you a sh*t sandwich, you don’t have to eat it.

Manage it differently, so you can stay committed to yourself.
And keep showing up inspite of it.

I know you can.

With love,

PS. Wanna learn how to manage your stress and anxiety differently so you can be free from food? YES! Simply fill out this form and we’ll schedule a time to connect more deeply and discover if one of the levels of support here at Escape From Emotional Eating is a fit for you.

This just does NOT work

February 11, 2018


If you want to stop overeating, it’s a very BAD idea to focus on food first.

I’ve gotten very clear from the 11+ years of dedicating myself to investigating every nook and cranny of my own compulsive habitual behaviors with food that telling an overeater “don’t eat that” or “eat less” or “eat in moderation” just DOES NOT WORK.

When we engage in emotional eating, our relationship with food reminds me of my niece, Lily’s relationship with her blanket, “Blankie”.

Lily is two years old and everyone in the family knows this: DO NOT TRY TO TAKE BLANKIE AWAY. Do not even joke about it.

Because sh*t. hits. the. fan.

She’ll throw a tantrum so violent…I swear she becomes possessed…you’ll want to run for your life!

The same goes for an emotional eater.

Try to take food away from an overeater…sh*t hits the fan. 

It kicks up a tremendous amount of fear, which spirals in self-sabotaging patternslike overeating and gaining a bunch of weight.

Focusing on food first doesn’t work.

Most certainly, it doesn’t work for overeaters.

In order to truly heal patterns of overeating and emotional eating and end your fight with food once and for all, we have to start where your compulsions start. We have to start at the roots.

How do I know this?

Food was my safety blanket, my best friend. I would eat to escape…day after day, filling myself with so much dark chocolate in an attempt to numb the pain of how overwhelming I found my life to be.

That’s why in the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs® and Retreats we start with managing stress, anxiety and fear. These are the most common triggers for your overeating.

Once we’ve taken off the top layer of angst, we can move more deeply into clearing out the emotional burdens via Digesting Emotions®.

Only then can we move onto the next step of restoring food to its original purpose: fuel.

Anything else simply doesn’t work.

Sending you love,

PS. Want real transformation where you are no longer thinking about food ALL. THE. TIME.? Yes! Just fill out this form and a member of my team will get you all set up to have a private conversation with me to see if the deep, life-changing work we do makes sense for you.

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