listening to your intuition about emotional eating

September 13, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

When it comes to healing your relationship with food, what has your intuition been telling you? 

Perhaps you suspect you’ve needed to learn better, healthier ways to cope with your stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. 

Or after another night of stress eating, you say to yourself, “I can’t keep doing this.”

Or you’ve had an inner knowing that healing your emotional eating is the next step you are meant to take…

But you’ve been resisting it. Overriding and denying the fact that you’ve felt the inner nudges or heard your inner voice. 

If this is you, I invite you to click here right now and apply for an Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session. It’s time to stop overriding your intuition and, instead, start listening to her! 

At this point, you may be noticing your fear-based voice starting to scream. Saying things like, “we can’t do this right now,” or “you’re already so busy,” or “come on, emotional eating is fun (sometimes)”.

This is a powerful choice point. 

Will you choose to listen to your intuition who always has your best interests at heart? Who has been nudging you for months now to do something different? 

Or will you choose to listen to your fears? Which will flood you with more anxiety than you already have and continues the chaotic cycle of “I know what I should be doing but….” 

As your coach, I highly recommend listening to your intuition and moving into action with whatever she says. 

Because every time you honor your intuition by letting her lead you, you are honoring yourself. Your Highest Self.

When you listen and act on your internal knowing, your gut sense, everything always works out in the end. 

Listening to your intuition, especially when it comes to your personal health and desires, is a skill that we strengthen in our work together. It’s what is needed to overcome your compulsive mind.

So let’s start this practice now. 

If your intuition has been telling you, “You’ve got to heal your relationship with food. It’s time.” then click here right now & let’s start this healing journey together. 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. You might be wondering, “How do you know if you are truly acting from intuition vs. fear?” 

Short Answer: By taking action. 
It’s just like learning any new skill. Like swimming for example. You can’t learn to swim by just talking about it. You have to get in the pool. Click here now. It’s time to jump in! 

P.P.S. For many of the women I work with, working with their intuition is super strong in one area of their life, like with work for example. But, they are disconnected from it when it comes to their relationship with themselves and food. We must repair this disconnect. Click here to do that now. 

emotional eating is due to the bugs in your brain

September 6, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is happening for you because you have crossed wires in your brain, like bugs in the software system of your mind, embedded from ways that you’ve coped with trauma and challenges in the past.  

But, emotional eating is no longer working for you. 

It may feel like your compulsive patterns and behaviors are normal to you because you’ve been doing them so long. 

But, emotional eating is no longer working for you.  

In fact, it’s holding you back

So I want to talk to you about the “bugs in your brain“, what I call The 4 Roots Of Emotional Eating® that are triggering your emotional eating.  

The 4 Roots of Emotional Eating came from over a decade of my research in identifying patterns and working with hundreds of women to heal their relationship with food. This research also includes valuable insights from my own personal experience with being an emotional eater for over 20 years of my life. 

This discovery of mine is what makes our work together here at Escape From Emotional Eating different and more powerful than any other program out there.  

So let me walk you through what these 4 Roots are: 

Root #1 is Fear
Do you eat when you are stressed, anxious, scared, or overwhelmed? The root of that is Fear. 

Root #2 is Hyper-Vigilance 
Do you often feel “tired but wired” especially after a long day and use food to “come down”? Or do you eat to take the edge off? The root of that is Hyper-Vigilance. 

Root #3 is Self-Abnegation
Do you sacrifice yourself, often eating things you know will make you feel like crap because you are afraid of what other people will think of you? The root of that is Self-Abnegation. 

Root #4 is Self-loathing 
Are you very hard on yourself? Do you have this persistent feeling that no matter what you do it’s never going to be enough, so might as well eat? The root of that is Self-Loathing. 

Now, it’s one thing to know WHAT the 4 roots are, but it’s a whooooole other thing to work with them to heal your emotional eating. 

So if you are someone… 

  • Who’s emotional eating is a secret that you’ve been harboring for years 
  • Who uses food to cope, soothe and escape and it’s holding you back from reaching higher levels of success in your personal and professional life 
  • Who really values high-level support from intuitive coaches so you can break through your own inner glass ceiling, yet are still plagued with emotional eating 

Then I recommend that you click this link and fill out an application so you and I can have a conversation and get started right away. 

We have important work to do in healing the roots of your emotional eating. 

Click here to apply and I’ll talk to you soon!

In service to your freedom,

P.S. Do you have some fear and doubt as to whether our work together would really help you? I get it. That’s why we have the helpful Escape From Emotional Eating Discovery Session Process to give you the time, support, and necessary info in order to get clear on your best next steps. So click here to apply and let’s explore the possibilities together! 

emotional eating is not really about the food

August 30, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

My issues with food were never about food itself. I realized that after bingeing my way through nutrition school and burning myself out, working out all the time. 

I was clear: Nutrition and fitness were not going to heal the roots of my issues with food.

It doesn’t matter if you swap your cookies for carrot sticks. If you don’t get to the roots, nothing will truly change.

From 10 years of deep, dedicated research of my own, I discovered the 4 Roots Of Emotional Eating®. 

This discovery of mine is what makes our work together here at Escape From Emotional Eating different and more powerful than any other program out there. 

Together we can now take any of your emotional eating episodes and quickly identify which of the 4 Roots is causing it. Once we know what is causing it, we know how to heal it and feed your emotional needs. Ultimately this creates a faster, more peaceful path to healing for you!

There is so much more to this, so stay tuned till next week’s email, where we’ll deepen this important conversation around the 4 Roots of Emotional Eating and how they may be showing up for you in your relationship with food. 

Keep your eyes on your inbox! 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. If someone you love comes to mind who could benefit from this information, please forward this email and my information to them. Thank you for contributing to this healing ripple effect. 

what my clients are saying…

August 23, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Over the last few weeks, my clients have been sharing with me what their experience here at Escape From Emotional Eating has been like for them. This is how my clients are describing our work together: 

Escape From Emotional Eating

Let yourself receive the energy that is in each of these words. Each one of them holds the energy of the healing that happens in our work together. So allow yourself to receive these words, this energy, and this support. 

And if you’d like to hear more about what my clients are saying, click here to read a few of their stories.

In service to your freedom,

why you have destructive habits

August 16, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Most people think that emotional eating is a way to numb difficult feelings like stress, anxiety, and fear.

But one important thing I’ve learned from my own journey to heal my emotional eating and helping hundreds of other women do the same over the last 10 years is that emotional eating also numbs your power. 

One of my favorite quotes from Marianne Williamson speaks to this specifically. She said, “[Y]our deepest fear is not that [you] are inadequate. [Y]our deepest fear is that [you] are powerful beyond measure.”

This is especially true for driven women on a mission like yourself.

The truth is that deep down, at the root of your emotional eating, sits a fear of being connected to your own personal power.

This is why so many deep feelers and creative people turn to destructive habits, like emotional eating, to dull the experience of their power, rather than embracing it, channeling it, and enhancing it.

Food has become the way you numb, dilute and diffuse your power because being powerless feels familiar, “safe” even.

This is why all work we do together here at Escape From Emotional Eating involves increasing your ability to plug into, channel, and stay connected to your power rather than dulling, numbing, or disconnecting from it.

How do exactly do we do that? First, we increase your emotional fitness and stamina with the tools and processes I teach, like Digesting Emotions®.

When you increase your capacity to feel, through our work together, you’ll no longer need to run to food (or alcohol) to avoid feeling what is really happening. 

Your body will become a clean, clear vessel – a vehicle – for the Divine. You will become a force for positive change at work, at home, and in all aspects of your life. 

Because when you heal your relationship with food, you heal your relationship with yourself, and everything in your life gets better because of it.

So the next time you use food to dull or numb whatever you are feeling, remember you aren’t just numbing the dark. You are numbing your power too. 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. If you feel called to stop using food to numb your feelings and your power, click here to apply for a complimentary, exploratory conversation with me, where we’ll get clear on the best next steps of your healing journey together.

behind the scenes from the ESCAPE

August 9, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

I woke up with a tremendous amount of energy moving thru my body on the first day I was going to lead our Summer ESCAPE last week. 

In the past, I would have labeled it anxiety and overwhelm and sought to numb it thru food and alcohol. I can remember how the intensity of this energy would make me cranky and angry. My whole body would feel like it got hit by a bus. 

Now, from having healed my emotional eating, I have such a higher emotional literacy and resilience, thanks to the tools that I continue to use and teach my clients. So my relationship with the intensity has changed dramatically

Now, instead of judging it, I welcome it. That morning I told myself, “totally makes sense why you feel this way! You are about to lead a group of women from all over the world! You are going to be doing work that NO ONE has done before.” 

Big thanks to all the healing work that I’ve done, I now see this surge in energy (as uncomfortable as it can feel at times) as my body preparing me for something big. I will need this energy and this is my body responding to it. 

So I thank my body. She is working. This is a healthy response

Then, I make sure I am staying grounded so my body, mind, and soul can be a clean, clear vessel for the Divine and allow this energy to move THRU me. 

So, I take walks outside, ground in nature, eat grounding foods and stay away from sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. I talk to myself compassionately and confidently to soothe my nervous system. 

Above all —>  I give myself what I need to lead.

Instead of feeling stressed, anxious or angry, I was able to feel my excitement of what lies ahead, albeit the unknown. I was able to feel a deep sense of gratitude instead of feeling overwhelmed and numb. Which makes this something that would normally be full of anxiety and overwhelm, so much more FUN. 

I guess that’s why I keep doing these events. Ha!

Because I can tell you, if I hadn’t learned to manage the intensity in a healthy way, it prob would have killed me a long time ago. And in killing me, it would have killed my mission to help other women too.

In service to your freedom,

P.S. Many of my clients told me how powerful our ESCAPE experience was together and I fully credit that to not numbing, distracting, or seeking to disassociate from the intensity I was feeling throughout it. If you’d like to learn how to do this for yourself, click here and apply now. I only have 1 spot left in my calendar this month to connect with women like you who are ready to answer the call to heal your emotional eating.

you gotta address this

August 2, 2021

I just wrapped up our Summer ESCAPE, which is a 2-day deeply transformational training with my clients where we focused on healing and strengthening their relationship with Self. 

Because overeating is a REJECTION of Self. It is a moment of self-betrayal and self-punishment. 

In order to truly heal your relationship with food, you must address the disloyalty towards yourself, which is exactly what we did together this weekend on the ESCAPE. 

Here is what a few of my clients said about their experience:

– “This has given me my power back.” – C.

– “I can see a path forward to escape from my emotional eating. All I now need to do is practice.” – M.

– “It was powerful to be in this community and do everything together.” – S.

But simply because you weren’t able to join us, doesn’t mean you have to miss out. I’ve opened 2 spots in my super squishy calendar to connect with women who feel called to heal the roots of their relationship with food and themselves so they can be free to fulfill their fullest potential and vision in life. 

If that’s you, click here to apply right now so we can connect and explore which of the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs is a fit for you. Keep in mind, the deeper and healthier connection you have with yourself, the more you will be free from your false connection with food. This is exactly the work we’ll do together so click here to grab one of those 2 spots so we can connect and discover your best next steps.

In service to your freedom,

P.S. If you’re reading this email and thinking, “yeah, there are defiantly times where I betray, deny, or abandon myself” then click here right now and grab one of those 2 spots for us to explore this more. We’ve got important work to do.

when your inner food demons start barking, do this!

July 26, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Do you struggle to listen to that little voice within that says, “I’m full!”?

Do your inner food demons start barking things like “just one more bite” and “but you may never have this delicious food again!”

You are not alone. 

The roots of your issues with food are in your mind. Not your body.

So today, I wanted to share a short clip from one of my Escape From Emotional Eating Foundational Trainings, which every one of my clients receives in our work together, so they are building a strong, healthy foundation in their relationship with food on top of our private sessions together. 

This clip is from the training that is all about activating faith to overcome your food fears.

In this short clip, you’ll discover the wires you have crossed when it comes to food and a short exercise that’ll support you in shifting out of a scarcity mindset with food.

While there is a whole lot more that goes into healing the roots of your compulsive patterns with food, this short clip is simple, basic, and something you can implement right away. 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. After you listen to this clip, hit “reply” and let me know your biggest takeaway. What resonated with you? I’d love to hear from you! 

P.P.S. I’m prepping to lead a 2-day intensive with my clients where we’ll be getting to the core of emotional eating. It starts on Friday, so any emails you send my way, I’ll be sure to respond after this transformational event is over!

were you teased about being emotional too?

July 19, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Growing up, I was always teased for how sensitive and emotional I was. 

     “Here comes Miss Emotional!”
     “You are SO sensitive!”

Ugh. I quickly learned that it was not safe for me to feel or express my feelings. So, I swallowed them, shoved them way down, and put food on top of them. 

Food numbed everything. Being numb felt safe. 

Until it became clear that my emotional eating was holding me back from the life I wanted to live. 

Since I was no longer willing to live out of integrity with myself, I had to heal my relationship with my emotions and learn a safe way to feel, express, and regulate my emotions. 

This is why in my Escape From Emotional Eating Programs, I work with my clients to build Emotional Resilience.

No need to stuff, swallow or put food on top of your feelings anymore.

When you learn the tools that I teach all of my clients, like Digesting Emotions® and The Fear Flush®, you’ll discover how to regulate your emotions

You’ll finally feel safe to feel, express, and release intense energies and emotions in a healthy, doable way. 

You’ll finally experience inner peace

Click here right now to apply for one of the spots in my Escape From Emotional Eating Programs so we can explore creating this together. When we connect, I’ll listen deeply to your challenges with healing your emotional eating, and we’ll explore the best next steps, so you are back in integrity with your highest, healthiest self

In service to your freedom,

P.S. If you’ve been thinking, “Summer is really busy right now. Maybe I’ll check this out in a month or two…

Your life will always be busy.  You know things will only get heavier, harder, and more overwhelming, so best to get better at managing it. Click here right now so you can learn tools to manage busyness, intensity and fully receive all that life has to offer. 

it’s not your fault

July 12, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

One of the biggest blind spots I’ve seen for women when it comes to healing their relationship with food is the intricate link between the wounds you carry and food. 

Regardless of whether you’ve been carrying those wounds from past experiences around since childhood or it’s something more recent like the loss of a loved one only a year ago, the link between those experiences and food is undeniable

Think of it like this…

Challenges or trauma create little holes in your soul. 

It’s not your fault you haven’t been taught how to heal, repair, and fill the hole in your soul.

So food became a replacement. Eating became a way of coping, a way to push through and soothe your pain, and a way to erase the memories and voices in your head that still secretly haunt you.  

It was a valiant effort to try to fill the hole and tend to your emotional needs. 

But the problem is that food can never fill a hole, a wound, that exists on the emotional level. So your true emotional needs go unmet, and your compulsive eating becomes a burden to your body, soul, and life. 

As life goes on, more challenges arise, creating more holes in your soul. This is why you feel hungry all the time

It’s because your emotional body is starving.

In the work that I do with my clients in the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs, we work together to heal the little holes in your soul by finally meeting and nourishing your emotional needs. 

This does NOT mean taking more walks or doing more journaling, although those things are nice. Instead, it means learning how to comfort, soothe and make yourself feel safe from within. 

Because to fully break free from your struggles with food so you can pour your body, mind, and soul into your mission, you must address the roots of your compulsive eating, which includes addressing your unmet emotional needs.

If the roots of your relationship with food are not addressed, you’ll unconsciously perpetuate them. You’ll continue to walk around with holes in your soul and wonder why you are still hungry after you just ate. 

So, let’s connect and uncover those little holes in your soul, what you’ve been truly starving for, and the next steps on what your healing journey looks like from there. Click here right now to apply!

The little holes don’t mean that you are damaged, <<First Name>>. There is nothing wrong with you. 

The little holes are the places we’ll fill with light and love until you are full, whole, your best and brightest self.

The little holes are where the healing happens. 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. If you’re thinking, “But I’ve already done so much work around healing my childhood wounding, inner child, etc…

From my experience of spending 932 hours in therapy, I can tell you that general therapy leaves a big missing piece in all of this – the link to food. If the direct connection between your past experiences and food is not addressed head-on, like we do in the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs, the dysfunctions and dis-ease will persist. 

Click here right now and applyso we can connect and make sure the roots of your relationship with food are fully healed.

Did you know there are 4 Roots that trigger Emotional Eating?

Watch this video to identify which one is triggering you!

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