Before You Eat on Thanksgiving

November 25, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Hi! The American Holiday of Thanksgiving is today, and I wanted to share a few recommendations on how to create peace with food on this holiday.

1). Treat Thanksgiving like any other meal. 

Crazy fear-based thoughts like “I’ll never eat this again” only fuel overeating and the emotional eating cycle. 

You know that if you really wanted that pumpkin pie cheesecake, you could easily go to the store and get one yourself. Or call up your Aunt Karen on a random day to make you one. (I bet she’d be delighted!) 

Bottom line: You will eat again. Food is everywhere.   

2). Bless your food and allow it to nourish you. 

This will help you remember that eating is a sacred experience and should be treated as such.

3). Eat in peace, trusting your body already knows what to do.

Yes, your body already knows what to do. It’s your mind that loves to interfere. Today is a great day to start practicing trusting your body. Remember, you are literally a walking miracle. 


The recommendations I shared with you here are just a few of the same ones I share with all of my clients. 

Emotional eating is a learned behavior that must be unlearned.  

Finally, I am so grateful to be connected with you. 

In a world that is overwhelmingly saturated with superficial diet culture, I’m glad we’re connected here and doing the sacred work of healing the roots of your emotional eating together.

In service to your freedom,

Create Peace With Food

November 22, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Hi! Sharing this 2-minute clip with you to help you create peace with food, especially this week (since the American Holiday of Thanksgiving is in just a few days). 

This clip is from a Community Support Call with my clients last week where we walked step-by-step through an Action Plan to create peace with food during what usually is a chaotic time of year

Click here to experience a taste of exactly what I shared with my clients. 

If you’re ready to receive support to truly experience peace with food every day, my door is always open. Simply click here so we can connect. 

In service to your freedom,

Master the art of receiving to heal your emotional eating

November 15, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

You are a go-getter, full of determination and strength.
But can you give yourself permission to receive?

For example, when someone gives you a compliment… 

Do you drink it in like sweet nectar allowing it to nourish every cell of your being? 

Or do you dodge and deflect it like a speeding bullet? 
Or worse, do you correct the person who gave it to you?

What about with food?

Do you allow yourself sacred time and space to rest, replenish and receive its nourishment?

Or do you eat too much too fast, transforming nourishment to suffering?

The women I work with are so capable and strong when it comes to doing and giving. But when it comes to receiving, especially for themselves, that’s where they really struggle.

In order to truly heal your relationship with food and yourself, you must learn and master the art of receiving.

I know this can be hard for you because you are so used to having to have it all together all the time.

You already know so much about food, health, and nutrition that you’re fed up, frustrated and wondering, “why can’t I figure this out for myself?!” 

You keep cycling through shame“I’ve tried so many things, and I’ve struggled with this for so long.”

Then rage, “I can help other people do this for themselves, but I can’t do it for myself!” 

It’s time to break this cycle by opening your heart and mind to receive aligned support.  

Our connection will re-energize your soul

You no longer have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

It’s time to hand it over, right here right now

Then, allow yourself to receive.

In service to your freedom,

P.S. A few days ago, I was watching an interview with Misty Copeland about her new book “Black Ballerinas.” Misty is the first African American woman to be promoted to principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater. I’ve always been tremendously inspired by her. 

In the interview, she said, “[With anything] I truly believe if you are committed, and you have the right people around, the right teachers, the right support, that anything is possible. Having mentors and being open to accepting guidance, that’s what people should be prepared for.” Click here to apply for support and let’s heal your relationship with food and yourself.

Are you at peace with food?

November 8, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional EatingJessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

When my dear friend Jodi told me that this was the 3rd year in a row that she was hosting her online series to support people in no longer sacrificing or side-lining their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health – and then invited me to be a part of it, I immediately said yes! 

And I saved you a seat! Click here to claim it now!

In this series called GLOBAL CONSCIOUS HEALTH SUMMIT 3.0, Jodi is interviewing 33 experts (including me!) on topics ranging from emotional eating, stress relief, healing trauma, meditation, finding happiness, spiritually, loving your body and yourself, and more. 

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn: 

• Proven strategies to reduce stress, no matter what you’re doing, so you can truly enjoy every aspect of your life

• How to thrive and not just survive in your day-to-day life – yes, it is possible! 

• How to heal your body, through foods, balancing hormones, healing trauma, meditation, healthy eating habits, creating joy and connection.

• How to go from your head to your heart and become conscious about the choices you are making so you can feel love for yourself and live your best, healthiest life. 

• And so much more. 

Plus, you’ll receive a gift from each expert and you’ll go from feeling anxious and tired to peaceful and vibrant! 

I’m so excited that I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend. Click here to claim your free pass!

You can watch each interview from your home or on the go from your phone.

I HIGHLY recommend this resource if you are experiencing new challenges with your health or noticing old patterns resurfacing. 

I’m so glad I get to share Jodi’s event with YOU.  

Click here to register for the Global Conscious Health Summit 3.0!

In service to your freedom,

P.S. My interview releases on November 14 so reserve your spot right here right now and mark your calendar!

P.P.S. I asked Jodi for special permission to share a clip of our conversation with you ahead of time 😉 so click here to watch this 2-minute clip. It’s just a taste of the powerful conversation she and I had that will change your relationship with food and yourself!

Digest this

November 1, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

You know what you need to eat to feel great and be your best. 

But are you putting EVERYTHING else ahead of that?

Click below to apply for support now. 

Worrying? Learn about The Fear Flush®

October 25, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

What are you worrying about? 

Worrying won’t fix, heal or repair anything. It saturates you with stress. It consumes your brain space as you manufacture catastrophic future disasters.

It causes your body and nervous system to be forever on full, exhausting alert

Frankly, worrying is a waste of your precious time, energy and life force. But you probably already knew that.

It’s actually stopping the worrying that’s the hard part, right?

Don’t worry (no pun intended!), I got you.

When I find myself worrying, I reach for one of the Escape From Emotional Eating Energy & Emotional Management Tools. The very same ones I teach my clients.

My go-to tool to manage my worrying is The Fear Flush®.

In just a few minutes, thanks to The Fear Flush, I’m able to stop the rehearsal of catastrophic future disasters.

It supports me in reconnecting to my wholeness, wisdom and strength.

From there, I am ready and fully able to handle in the moment whatever I am given.

My body relaxes and I feel safe

Best part is that I’m able to sleep through the night.

If you know you need to learn how to manage your worrying in an effective way, but have been putting everything else ahead of that, then click here right now and apply for my support.

I’m here to help you get out of your own way. 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. Telling yourself “just stop worrying” is not an effective strategy! You need to learn tools that actually work for you and be held accountable to use them so you can be free from the addictive pattern of worrying and truly experience inner peace. Click here now and apply for support with this. 

30 Ways To Relax Your Nervous System Without Using Food

October 18, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

When trapped in the emotional eating cycle it’s common to think “nothing will take the edge off quite like food.” 

But this is just not true.

I put this to the test this week and asked myself “what truly relaxes your nervous system?” 

What are all the ways that you know how to “downshift” in a healthy way without guilt, shame, hangovers, or any kind of self-sabotage

I was amazed to see how many ideas I came up with. Then I shared this same question with my clients in our private forum. I asked them to explore this for themselves. 

And our list multiplied proving there truly is an abundance of ways to relax your nervous system without using food.

Now, I invite you to do this same exploration for yourself. 

To make this simple for you, I’ve compiled a list of 30+ ways to relax your nervous system – a combination of my personal list and some from my clients too. 

Click here to download this resource now.

As your coach my recommendation is to: 

1). Download this list right now.

2). Then, print it. 

3). Take a highlighter and intuitively scan the list. Highlight each item that resonates with you. 

4). Pick one suggestion that you’d like to try on this week. Really research it. Notice how you feel. 

5). Add to and subtract from this list over time as you continue your relaxation research

Extra Credit: Hang this list inside the door of your pantry. Let this list be a “pattern interrupt” from another night of emotional eating.

Instead, give yourself what you truly need – rest, relaxation, and relief – without eating crap to get there. 

And of course, let me know how your relaxation research goes! I’d love to hear about it. 

Most of all, have fun with this! 

In service to your freedom,

P.S.  This list is a great baby step in the direction of your healing and I’m so happy to share this resource with you. But there is so much more that goes into truly creating peace with food and your body. If you’re ready to truly heal the roots of your relationship with food so you can embody your full potential click here to apply for support. XO

Read this before you do another diet

October 4, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating


You reach for food after a long, stressful day. 

It’s your “off” switch. 

A moment to escape. To relax. To quiet the noise of your overwhelming world. 

You eat so you can’t hear the voices in your head anymore. 

But then you feel like crap. 

Your belly aches. 

Your farts smell like your insides are rotting. 

You isolate yourself. 

You start spiraling…

You can’t believe you just ate all of that. 

You know you shouldn’t have. 

You feel ashamed. Frustrated. Angry. 

If this is you, then click here right now and submit your application so we can put an end to this cycle.  

It’s not serving you. 

It’s not helping you fulfill your soul’s calling. 

It’s not something you have to live with or keep a secret for the rest of your life. 

Before you sign yourself up for another diet or detox, click here instead. 

In service to your freedom,

PS. I know you were probably hoping for some quick tip to stop this cycle. But quick tips you read online won’t truly put an end to ways you self-destructively use food to cope, soothe or escape. 

Your emotional eating is complex and deeply rooted. Which requires you to really dive in, get a lil’ uncomfortable, and peel back its many layers. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone: click here and apply now. It’s your first step, and it will truly support you in ending this cycle

Too busy to eat?

September 27, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional EatingJessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Do you have sacred space in your busy calendar to eat a nourishing lunch each and every day?

One of the biggest mistakes that I see mission-driven women like yourself do is not making or taking time and space in your busy day to eat. 

Which always results in a massive night-time binge.

I speak from experience. 

I used to be “too busy” to eat. 

I’d work straight through lunch. 

Sometimes I’d shove something in my mouth as I was clack-clack-clacking on my keyboard firing off emails.

Often, I couldn’t remember if I ate or what I ate. I was too busy to slow down or even notice. 

As I started healing my emotional eating, I realized this pattern was tangled up in one of the 4 Roots Of Emotional Eating®: FEAR.

The truth is, I was afraid people would think that I was lazy or I wasn’t working hard enough. 

I was afraid that if I took time to rest and eat, I’d come back to even more work. There would be even MORE for me to do. 

The only way I knew how to cope with these underlying fears at the time was to just. keep. working.

Now, things are very different. 🌟

Now I am a steward to a multiple 6-figure mission, and I take a full hour for lunch right in the middle of my day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

No matter how busy I get, I protect that space no. matter. what.

Because eating is a sacred act and should be treated as such.

I know from experience that I am more present and more productive in less time when I take time to rest, reset and nourish. 

Creating and protecting that time and space is my secret weapon. It’s how I am able to fully show up to the intense work that I do at the high level that I do. 

It’s how I’m able to keep my energy grounded and sustainable no matter what challenges arise. 

It’s how I stay connected to my intuition, which I use in every aspect of my business—especially when working with my clients.

It is also a foundational piece to how I have been free from stress eating for the last 5+ years

So as your coach, my recommendation is that if you aren’t doing it already, create space to eat. And protect that space. 

And if you feel like you can’t, ask yourself, “What is standing in my way?”

Whatever it is, I invite you to bring it to our Discovery Call so I can hear more and we can coach out your next best steps. 

Because I can confidently say that whatever is standing in your way is also blocking you from healing your stress eating too. 

Click here. Apply now. Let’s work through this together.

In service to your freedom,

PS. When you do work that you love, the challenge becomes managing the compulsion to push yourself to exhaustion. Your body, mind, and soul will get tired. You will need time to rest, restore and nourish. Developing the internal wisdom to know when to step away and developing the strength to follow through on that wisdom (without guilt or fear) is part of the work that I do with my clients. Click here to apply now.

Do you love food?

September 20, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Here is the truth: what you have had up to this point is an obsessive relationship with food. And an obsessive relationship is not love. 

To eat foods that make you feel sick…
To constantly be thinking about food… 
To be rigid and controlling around it…

This is not healthy. 
This is not love

It’s a tremendous waste of your precious time and energy. 
Most of all, it’s weighing you down and holding you back from reaching your full potential. 

I know because I’ve been there. 

In 2 months, I’ll be crossing the 6 year mark since the last time I emotionally ate. This is a major milestone for me…6 years free from the obsession I used to have with food

Now I know what it means to be a true lover of food. 

Now I take my time with it. 
I actually taste what I am eating and delight in it supporting my body. 
I eat without guilt, shame, or fear. And I stop with grace and ease. 
I eat to be a vibrant superpower. 

I can take it or leave it…enjoying food when I am physically hungry or leaving it alone if I’m not. 
I can eat by myself without feeling uncomfortable or crazy or wondering who is watching or judging me
I can eat with other people without self-sacrifice or self-sabotage. 

It feels wild to say this because of how crazy and compulsive I used to feel around food, but now I have peace with food.

The best part of having a truly loving relationship with food is that it supports my body, my mind, and my spirit in being a clean, clear vessel for the Divine.

Now it’s time for you, to be free from your obsession with food. It’s time to free your mind, body, and soul from the burdens of your addictive patterns. So, if you’re ready to take the next step (even though you might be a little scared too), click here right now and submit your application so we can connect and explore which level of support and accountability in the Escape From Emotional Eating programs is a fit for you. 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. I know you are super busy and have a lot on your plate. That’s why it’s time to heal your relationship with food because an obsessive relationship with food will only slow you down, hold you back and make you physically, emotionally, and spiritually sick. Click here so we can free up more of your precious time and energy by healing your relationship with food.

Did you know there are 4 Roots that trigger Emotional Eating?

Watch this video to identify which one is triggering you!

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