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April 5, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Dr. Deepak Chopra tells a powerful story in his book, Quantum Healing, that I want to share with you that powerfully demonstrates exactly what happens when we come together in Escape From Emotional Eating. He writes:

“An Ohio University study of heart disease was conducted by feeding quite toxic, high-cholesterol diets to rabbits in order to block their arteries, duplicating the effect that such a diet has on human arteries. 

Consistent results began to appear in all the rabbit groups except for one, which strangely displayed 60% fewer symptoms. Nothing in the rabbits’ physiology could account for their high tolerance to the diet, until it was discovered by accident that the student who was in charge of feeding these particular rabbits liked to cuddle and pet them. 

He would hold each rabbit lovingly for a few minutes before feeding it; astonishingly, this alone seemed to enable the animals to overcome the toxic diet.

Repeat experiments, in which one group of rabbits was treated neutrally while the others were loved, came up with similar results.

Additionally, studies have shown that cancer patients who attend support groups live an average of twice as long after diagnosis as those who don’t. 

What is this secret weapon that can penetrate even the darkest, most toxic experiences? 

It is love. 

You may even call it the energy of God or The Universe. 

I have seen this secret weapon in action year after year for the women who step into the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs.

I’ve had clients who swore to me that they’d always need to lock up certain trigger foods, suddenly be able to eat one  – one bowl, one piece, one bite. 

I’ve had clients who have been constantly thinking about food, suddenly be able to have inner peace as if their compulsions have been lifted from their mind and body.  

I’ve had clients who have silently suffered and kept their emotional eating a secret for 10, 20, even 30 years, finally find freedom and peace with food. 

Even my clients who have already found freedom from their emotional eating are continuing to celebrate major milestones – like my clients S.D. and D.L. who are celebrating their 2 years of freedom from emotional eating this month

It is only when LOVE is channeled through human beings like the person loving the rabbits before feeding, or like the support and community that my clients receive in the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs, where space is created for increased compassion, learning, and transformation, that love can penetrate the shameful toxic darkness of emotional eating.

Are you feeling called to heal your emotional eating? YES! I’d be happy to connect with you to explore which of the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs is a fit for you.

Apply here right now. It’s the first step to breaking your toxic cycle of emotional eating.   

In service to your freedom,

PS. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life in the emotional eating cycle. You can escape it. Fill this out right now and I’ll meet you on the other side. 

Building Emotional Fitness

March 29, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Do you emotionally eat to calm your anxiety?

You’re not alone. I used to eat to self-medicate my anxiety too. 

Then I learned the truth: emotional eating only makes anxiety worse. 

That’s because when you emotionally eat, the root cause of your anxiety is not being faced, managed, or handled. 

In order to truly heal your emotional eating, you must build your emotional fitness. 

Just like you do bicep curls to build strong, healthy muscles you must also do “emotional bicep curls” to build strong, healthy emotional resilience. 

Because there will always be things in life that are challenging and make you anxious. You have to get better at managing it so you aren’t eating your way through it. 

This is why Building Emotional Fitness is the very first thing we do together in my Escape From Emotional Eating Programs. 

This is where you’ll learn tools like Digesting Emotions® and The Fear Flush® so you have healthy doable ways to process, transform and release intense energies and emotions. 

This way peace, not anxiety is your new normal. 

Which creates a healthy releasing of old patterns of emotional eating

And no matter how challenging life gets, you aren’t driven to emotionally eat. 

Want to learn the tools to finally be free from your emotional eating? Click here to apply now so we can connect and explore which of the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs is a fit for you!

So looking forward to that discovery process together!

In service to your freedom,

Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating Testimonial

untangle your relationship with hunger

March 22, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

How many times have you felt hungry and done something to avoid eating?

Filled your belly with water to give the illusion of fullness…
Dove deeper into work…
Told yourself, “it’s not time to eat yet.”

One of the big problems I see when I first start working with a client is how they’ve been trained to distrust their hunger…that being hungry is wrong, painful, and something to be manipulated. 

So they’ll deny, mute, and avoid it. 

This is evidence of how much our wires have gotten crossed in our relationship with food because hunger is a very useful and loving teacher.

Not just in your relationship with food, but in life. 

If you continue to deny, mute, and avoid your hunger, you’ll eventually have no idea what you want, whatever the circumstance.

This is why in the work I do with my clients, we work to untangle your relationship with hunger (and fullness, too), so you can eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. And most of all, you come to understand what you’re truly hungry for emotionally, so you can stop using food to fill a hole that food will never fill.

Because as you unlearn the old unhealthy habits and learn the new ones, not only do you learn to trust your body, you learn to ultimately trust yourself – not just with food, but in all circumstances.

If you’re ready to learn how to trust yourself by healing your relationship with foodclick here to apply so we can connect and explore which of the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs is a fit for you!

In service to your freedom,

the root causes of emotional eating

March 15, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

No matter how much pedaling you do on your new Peloton or how healthy you eat if you don’t address the roots – the core issue – of your emotional eating, the emotional eating cycle of insanity never stops.

When you heal the root causes of your emotional eating you are truly free…where you are able to take your time, energy, and power back from food and channel it into the areas that need you most — like your family, your mission, and your life! 

This is exactly the work I do with my clients. 

Are you thinking… “yeah right, Jessica. I’ve struggled with food almost my entire life. I don’t believe freedom is possible for me.

I get it. I’ve been there. I was an emotional eater for over 20 years of my life. It was a shameful secret I kept. 

But now, I am free. I am an example of the work that I do, what I teach and of what’s possible for you too. 

It’s not a pipe dream. What you need is a different approach.

Now, it’s been 5+ years since I’ve emotionally eaten and this is why I want to share my work with as many people as possible, including YOU!  

My work isn’t for everyone that’s why we have the opportunity to connect for a Discovery Session first to explore which level of this healing work is a match for you. 

Here’s what we’ll do in your Discovery Session

  1. I’ll listen intimately to what your challenges are with emotional eating
  2. We’ll get clear on why you haven’t found freedom just yet 
  3. We’ll explore your best next steps on your healing journey which includes exploring if any of the Escape From Emotional Eating programs is the right next step for you.  

This session is private, virtual, and complimentary – my gift to you! 


Don’t put this off. 

Let’s end your emotional eating together. 

In service to your freedom,

PS.  If you’re thinking, “yeah but I don’t have 100’s of pounds to lose and I already know how to eat healthy.”GREAT! Because I work with women who don’t fit the typical stereotype of emotional eaters.I work with women who are smart, successful, highly motivated, and always hungry for more in life. If that sounds like you, click here APPLY NOW and let’s explore what freedom from food looks like for you! 

my compulsion with food is a gift

March 8, 2021

This is a piece of my story that you’ve probably never heard me talk about before. In this 3 minute clip from a recent podcast interview, I vulnerably share how my triggers with food turned into the greatest gifts and how my freedom from food has healed my marriage, family, and future generations. 

Click the image below for a dose of inspiration.

My Compulsion with food is a gift | Escape From Emotional Eating

In service to your freedom,

How To Soothe Yourself Without Using Food

March 1, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

My birthday is coming up in just a few days (shout out to my fellow Pisces 🐠!) and I wanted to share a very valuable training with you that is all about How To Soothe Yourself Without Using Food – my gift to you! 

In this training you’ll learn: 
– How soothing differs from numbing behavior 
– Why it’s critical you learn how to be the source of your own comfort 
– 4 gentle ways to shift your nervous system out of the hyper-vigilant fight-flight-freeze state into a nourishing rest-restore-rejuvenate state 

Plus! We won’t just talk about the strategies…we’ll practice them together!

Click here to access this super valuable hands-on training!

By the way, this training is a clip from one of my Escape From Emotional Eating Community Support Calls. So, if you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when it comes to what I teach my clientsclick here now! It is about 30 minutes long. I recommend listening to it just like you would your favorite podcast. And if you’re short on time, I recommend listening to it on 1.5x or 2x speed! 

Whatever you do, don’t put this off because I know this will make an impact on how you relate to food and yourself. 

My gift to you! 

In service to your freedom,

P.S. Once you’ve listened, reply to this email and let me know what your biggest takeaway was!

feeling low?

February 22, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

Feeling low? Like your swimming through quicksand…or an elephant is sitting on your chest? 

It can be easy to default to food on dark days with your brain saying…
“Food is fun!” 
“Food will make me feel better!” 
“Food will pull me out of this funk!” 

But in truth, emotional eating just pushes down your real problem, embedding it into your flesh. 

If you don’t work through your emotions, you become emotionally constipated. This subconsciously makes your body larger because it’s trying to contain all of your unprocessed emotions and energy. 

That’s why I created the powerful tool and process called Digesting Emotions®.

Because I too have struggled with difficult emotions and energy like grief, anxiety, and rage. In those moments, I needed a practical and tangible tool to help process, move through and release the energy from my mind and body

Digesting Emotions is my secret weapon when life gets tough and I’ve got to keep showing up. 

It is how I am able to be fully present in all aspects of my life. 

It is how I no longer use food to cope, soothe, numb or attempt to escape.

And it is a part of a suite of tools that I teach my clients in the sacred work we do together. 

If you are looking for tools and support designed specifically for high-achieving women so you can move through difficult thoughts, feelings, and experiences without using food to cope, click here and apply now. Let’s connect and explore which of the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs is a fit for you! 

In service to your freedom,

this is not therapy

February 15, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

My work is often compared to the traditional model of therapy. The assumption is that I offer 1-hour sessions a few times a month. The assumption is that the more time spent IN a session, the more transformation.

But that is not how I’ve structured the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs. Because I spent over 932 hours in therapy and it never touched my relationship with food.

Proof that more time in session does not mean more change.

Over the years I’ve gotten clear, that in order to truly heal your compulsive eating, it’s not enough to talk about things. You actually have to change your behavior. Therefore it’s what happens outside of the session that matters most.

So here at Escape From Emotional Eating do we just sit in a circle and talk about our feelings? NO.

Do any of the Escape From Emotional Eating programs look like traditional therapy or coaching sessions? NO.

Escape from Emotional Eating is NOT therapy.

Instead, each of the Escape From Emotional Eating programs include Focused Action Calls so you aren’t just talking about changing, you are actually moving into action. Coupled with strong accountability so you are following through.

My clients tell me that we do more in 15-minutes together than they can in 5 hours with their therapist.

We need a different approach to truly heal emotional eating. That’s why the Escape From Emotional Eating programs are exactly that…different.

Click here right now to apply so we can connect and explore which of the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs is a fit for you!

In service to your freedom,

you are not alone ❤️

February 8, 2021
Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating

I used to have this thing with granola. A seemingly healthy food…but when I would eat it I would go through an entire bag in a matter of seconds. 

It wasn’t until my hand hit the bottom of the bag that I would “wake up” from my food trance wondering what alien creature had taken over my body and “who ate all my food?”

No matter what I ate – healthy or unhealthy – I always felt crazy and compulsive around food. Food ran my life. It was a secret I kept for over 20 years of my life. 

I tried to talk to my friends about how my overeating was out of control. They simply said, “Oh Jessica, don’t worry. Everyone does that!” Then we’d sign up for a spin class to work off what I overate the night before. It was a valiant effort to make me feel better. But it only made things worse.

I tried to talk to my partner about it. He’d tell me, “Oh, Jessica. I’ll love you no matter what size you are.” What a lovely response. But what boggled my mind was how could he love me when all I wanted to do was crawl out of my own skin. 

I tried to seek help in therapy. I spent over 932 hours in therapy and it never touched my relationship with food. Many of the therapists I saw just wanted to put me on some type of medication. Another quick fix.

I was already using food to numb myself. I didn’t want to be numb anymore. 

At that point, I had binged ate my way through nutrition school and had become burned out from teaching too many fitness classes on the side. 

It became clear to me that no matter how healthy I ate, how much nutritional information I knew, or how much I worked out, these things weren’t getting to the root of why I was so out of control with food. 

My last resort was Overeaters Anonymous. But, I could never get myself to go to a meeting. It just didn’t resonate with me.

I wanted answers. I wanted tools. Most of all, I wanted to change. Food was interfering with the life I wanted to live, the woman I wanted to be. 

But when it came to support that was a right fit for me, that got to the roots, it didn’t exist. 

I remember standing alone in my kitchen one cold December day. I had just finished stuffing myself with food till I was numb. I did this so often that that numbing feeling felt so comfortable, so familiar. 

I started to feel like there was something wrong with me. Like I was missing the “peace with food” gene or something.

Scared and alone, I honestly asked myself, “Am I going to have to live with this crazy compulsive relationship with food for the rest of my life?” 

It was then that I saw a flash of what my life would look like if it did. 

I saw that the more responsibilities that piled on my plate, the more I would turn to food. 

I saw myself getting married and having kids and secretly eating in the corner of the kitchen after everyone went to sleep. 

Most of all, I saw myself hallow and numb…a shell of a human…just going through the motions and shoving everything down with food. 

This was NOT the life I wanted to live. 

I knew I was meant to be more and do more in this life. 

I knew I had a purpose, a mission. 

I knew I was made for more. 

I know these same things are true for you too. 

But my crazy compulsive relationship with food took up so much of my time, energy, and brain space. I knew if I wanted to fulfill my life’s mission, I had to get this food thing under control. 

Food HAD to stop interfering with my life. 

That’s when I dedicated myself to investigating every single nook and cranny of my relationship with food. It was then that I started to look at all aspects – the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. 

The results from my research shocked me

Here were my 3 big discoveries: 

First, I discovered that simply focusing on fitness and nutrition, like I had been, was not going to heal my relationship with food. Because my freedom didn’t live in what I was eating. My freedom was at the root of WHY I was eating. I had to get to the root. 

Second, I discovered that my eating behaviors were tangled up with my mind, emotions, beliefs, and past experiences. I knew I had to untangle them so food could be fuel again, a nourishing asset to my life. 

Finally, from over a decade of my deep dedicated research, I discovered patterns. Patterns in my emotional eating behavior. These patterns are what I now call The 4 Roots of Emotional Eating™. I knew that I had to weed out these patterns, these roots, in order to fully be free

And that’s exactly what I did. 

Now, it’s been 5 years since I last emotionally ate. 

I no longer feel crazy and compulsive around food. 

I eat when I’m hungry. I stop when I’m full. 

My relationship with food is simple.

Food is a nourishing asset, not a self-destructive one.

I know how to manage my stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. I have created tools that work way better than numbing myself with food, ever did.  

Food no longer interferes with the life I want to live. 

I am free. 

All of this is what has led me to the creation of Escape From Emotional Eating, my transformational year-long programs and retreats, and giving various talks and workshops around the world. 

Those 3 big discoveries, that focusing on nutrition and fitness won’t set us free, that we have to untangle our relationship with food and then heal the roots of our emotional eating, these are at the core of what I now teach and how I work with my clients

My personal experience and willingness to share so openly about that + my research is what makes my work so different than any other support out there. It’s also why my work is so effective. 

If anything I shared here in my story resonates with you, let’s talk. Click here to apply for a complimentary conversation with me where we’ll explore which of the Escape From Emotional Eating Programs is a fit for you. 

Your relationship with food is holding you back. It’s time we set you free

start reclaiming your power with food

February 1, 2021

Today I want to share a juicy clip from a talk I gave last week. In it, you’ll learn about ‘eating dictators’ and how to start reclaiming your power with food

A few weeks ago I received the honored invitation to speak to, my dear friend and colleague, Amanda Kuda in her Unbottled Potential Group. She asked me to speak about how to listen more deeply to yourself. This clip is from that virtual workshop. 

Watch this now:

In service to your freedom,

PS. Know a woman’s group or organization looking for a dynamic speaker (like me!)? Just reply to this message and let me know! XO

Did you know there are 4 Roots that trigger Emotional Eating?

Watch this video to identify which one is triggering you!

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