Why Diets Don't Work For Emotional Eaters…

August 4, 2015

I was out to dinner with a dear friend of mine and she was picking my brain about her weight. For as long as I’ve known her she’s wanted to lose 30 pounds.

I’ve admired her commitments to trying paleo, cleanses and committing to eating 10 vegetables a day.

Years had gone by and nothing was making a dent. She was frustrated.

My heart ached for her, and for every woman who is stuck in her very same shoes…

Wondering, “what am I doing wrong?” where eating cleaner isn’t even possible!

If you relate to my friends story, don’t give up!

There is a reason why, no matter how clean you eat or how many calories you burn, the scale hasn’t moved.

One that isn’t talked about when you commit to a diet or sign up with a trainer.

I share more about it, and the solutions, in today’s episode of J-ciniTV.

Watch this now:


And if there’s 1 thing I want you to take away from today, it’s that the answers to slimming down and having a body you love have nothing to do with food.

You probably already eat really healthy!

What’s different about Laugh Yourself Skinny® is we focus on getting to the root of what’s stopping you from releasing your excess weight so you can be FREE.

Let’s schedule a time to chat so we can discover if LYS is the right support system for you!

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My gift to you!

It’s not time to give up. It’s time to do things differently and Laugh Yourself Skinny®.

Loving you every step of the way,

PS. SAVE THE DATE for Monday, August 17th! I can’t share all the details yet, but I have something very special planned for us! Think like the Laugh Yourself Skinny®Escape… but closer to home 🙂 More to come on this!

YAY! Freedom from thigh chafing is here!

July 28, 2015

Oh the agony of thigh chafing! There is NOTHING worse!

And when the weather is oppressively hot, the last thing you want to wear are pants!

While there are literally hundreds of remedies to protect your precious thighs from the excruciating stingy and burning of thigh chafing, many solutions are messy and as sexy as your 90-year old grandmom’s panties.

But fear not my friend!

I’ve done the research and in today’s J-ciniTV episode, I give you my top 3 thigh chafing solutions so you can wear dresses, shorts or…heck even go pant-less 😉

(BTW, #3 is my all-time personal favorite and the sexiest, in my opinion)

Check them out here:

Thanks for watching. And if someone special popped into your mind while watching, please share this with her.

I truly believe the world will be a better place when women aren’t worried about their thighs.

Sending you so much love,

How To Love Your Body (Even If It's A Work In Progress!)

July 14, 2015


You may have been taught, that when you finally lose the excess weight, THEN you’ll love your body.

I know I did!

Which made me really good at what I like to call the “hating yourself skinny” method.

I don’t recommend it. It wasn’t much fun. In fact, it was torture.

But I couldn’t quite grasp how to really love my body, if I wasn’t OK with having 20+ pounds on me.

Like how could I love myself if I feel so uncomfortable in my skin?

It was an approach that was so confusing to me!

I used to think that if I loved my body with 20+ pounds, I’d lose my motivation to slim down all together.

I’d end up eating cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week.

And probably gain another 20 on top of it all!

Does this resonate with you?

I knew there had to be a better way. So for a while I pondered and researched this question…

Can you really love your body with more around the middle, without losing motivation or giving up your desire to slim down all together?
Based on my research and experience the answer is YES!


In fact it’s NECESSARY to love yourself now in order to really love yourself once you’ve slimmed down.

So how do you do it?

I’ve put the step-by-step in today’s episode of J-ciniTV!

Check this out:

Remember, self-love isn’t something you get by wearing a certain size. Or by having a perfect body.

Self-love takes practice. It’s something you tune into. And even the littlest bit is real motivation that’ll keep you on track and in control.

If you found this helpful, please share it with one of your friends so she too can find freedom from food and her body.

Lots of love to you!

PS. Desire to drop 10 or 15 pounds? Keep your eyes on your inbox next Tuesday – I’ve got something special coming out just for you!

5 Signs You Are An Emotional Eater (And What You Can Do About It!)

July 7, 2015


“Why didn’t anyone tell me?!”

I remember saying screaming that to a friend of mine as I recounted the story of my own weight loss journey.

I had been struggling to find freedom from worrying about food and my body for more than half of my life.

I tried diets. Doubling up on workouts. Juice cleanses.

I felt exhausted. Tortured by food. And hungry… All. The. Time.

But it wasn’t until I addressed the real problem, that I was using food to comfort, decompress and distract, that I actually dropped 20+ pounds.

I realize now, if I had just known what I was doing before was emotional eating, I could have saved myself years of frustration and failed attempts.

That’s why I’m SUPER excited to share this weeks J-ciniTV with you because it’ll bring faster healing and freedom to your relationship with food.


My high recommendation is that you watch today’s video, whether you currently identify yourself as an emotional eater or not.

That way you can be crystal clear on what the real problem is behind your struggle to slim down.

Watch this now


My intention in sharing this with you today is so you don’t have to waste years of your precious life trying diet after diet only to gain it all back and more. So you can get real support on the real problem.

Now, before you start to go down a rabbit hole of beating yourself up thinking your broken or doomed for life, I want you to know:

#1) I was an emotional eater too 🙂

#2) You just have some wires crossed

And with Laugh Yourself Skinny®, we can straighten them out!

Let’s schedule a time to chat so you can discover if LYS is the right support in helping you overcome emotional eating.

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I can’t wait to connect further with you!

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My top 3 gluten-free beers

June 30, 2015

I’m not much of a beer drinker. But every once in a while, at a baseball game or like this 4th of July, I’ll want an ice-cold beer.

But my digestion is super sensitive and my body can’t handle a lot of gluten without paying a price ;-P

Now I have to be honest… a lot of gluten-free beers taste like crap or are super high in sugar (more than a king size snickers!).

No thanks!

So today, I wanna share with you my top 3 gluten-free beers that aren’t half bad!

Just FYI: I’m not being paid or endorsed to share any of this with you. This is from my own personal experience and many, many trips to the craft beer store with Zach and over time trying every gluten-free option they had. : )

I hope this will support you in finding an adult beverage you actually enjoy without your body or weight getting out of control.

Much love & I hope you have a safe, relaxing 4th of July!


Why You Gain Weight Without Eating Extra Food

June 23, 2015

Do you feel like you gain weight just by looking at food?

Like just walking down the ice cream aisle at the grocery store packs on 10 pounds without even putting a spoon to your mouth!?

Or have you noticed, during really stressful overwhelming times in your life, you blow up like a puffer fish without changing anything you eat?

I can totally relate.

When this would happen, I typically would hunt for cleanses and double up on my workouts.

But it always seemed like no matter what I did or what I ate, I couldn’t escape my ever-increasing waistline.

And it was driving me NUTS.

Until I discovered this hidden cause to weight gain has nothing to do with food:

So you can start to see that the problem that needs fixing isn’t food.

The problem that needs fixing lies in freeing yourself from taking on the weight of the world. Which is exactly what we do in Laugh Yourself Skinny®!

Wondering if LYS is the right support system in finding your freedom from food and weight gain worries?

Let’s schedule some time to chat to explore more! You can get started today by filling out this form. I’ll review it and my team will be in touch to schedule our powerful time together! My gift to you : )

All my love and support,


Do you emotionally eat? You may be a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’

June 16, 2015
If I were to name ONE thing that changed everything when it came to finally finding peace with food and my body, this would be it.

It literally changed my life.

It was a catalyst in dropping my first 10 pounds after years of deprivation and doubling up on workouts got me nowhere.

It’s what continues to keep me light, free and slim in my body in some of the most stressful and challenging times in my life.

And it’s what continues to shock in a “why didn’t I know this before?!” way when I share, “I think this might be happening for you too” with my clients.

This was a huge puzzle piece that helped me heal my emotional eating and as a byproduct of that, literally, lose weight overnight.

I’m thrilled to share this missing puzzle piece for me, and so many of my clients, in this week’s episode of J-ciniTV.

I hope this is helpful for you too:

For me, food wasn’t the problem. It’s what was driving me to eat it.

When I finally discovered new ways to cope, manage and alleviate these triggers, I no longer needed food to escape.

And now, I support my clients in finding that same freedom in my signature Laugh Yourself Skinny® programs!

Curious if LYS can help you find freedom from food? Let’s find out!

I’d love to set up a time for us to connect to explore more. You can get started today by filling out this fun form and my team will be in touch to schedule our powerful time together!

So excited to connect further with you!

All my love and support,


How to Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Guilt Free!

June 9, 2015

I used to think, in order to have a body I loved, I’d have to swear off my favorite foods FOREVER.

No cookies. No cake. No chocolate.

I gave this a valiant effort for some time (about 2 weeks was all I could stand) before feeling like I was going insane in food jail.

Did I really think I was going to spend the next 50+ years of my life without having ONE cookie?

Yeah right! That’s so unrealistic!


I wanted it all…

To have my cookies AND be free from weight loss worries if I ate them!

To say YES to cake AND feel slim, light and trim in my body!

To say YES to chocolate from a conscious place rather than compelled to eat it!

Some might say, “that’s impossible!” but with Laugh Yourself Skinny® Success System it’s now my reality.

And today, I want to share how you can do it too!

In today’s episode of J-ciniTV I share step-by-step how you can eat the foods you love without slipping into a binge.

Please note: I’m NOT talking about the 80/20 rule. And this is NOT just another “everything in moderation” recommendation.

You need to do this instead:

Because your favorite foods aren’t the problem. The problem is what’s driving you to eat them uncontrollably.

And in Laugh Yourself Skinny®, I support you in discovering the hidden causes behind your emotional eating, so you can be FREE!

Curious if LYS is right for you? Let’s schedule a time to chat! Start by filling out this form and my team will be in touch to schedule our powerful time together! My gift to you : )

Looking forward to supporting you even more!

All my love,


How To Manage Emotional Overwhelm

June 2, 2015

There’s one thing I do every single morning no.matter.what.

I’m not talking about brushing your teeth or eating breakfast or putting on your favorite lip gloss, even though I do those things too because they’re part of my self-care and set me up for a successful day.

I know a lot of people won’t do this thing unless life hands them a sh*t sandwich. Like they wait till things get really stressful or they feel completely overwhelmed to do this.

But I’ve found that keeping a consistent practice of this is the foundation of my freedom from food.

It’s what has allowed me to see food as fuel, rather than being magnetized by it to take the edge off my stress, anxiety and emotions.

It’s what helps me squeeze the happiness and joy out of life and take it to a whole new level of glee.

It’s what I do before I take CJ out to go potty in the morning or even get out of bed.

And more than a tool.

It’s a vehicle for healing.

And it’s in this week’s episode of J-ciniTV.

I’m super excited to share this with you:

I know it might come off as seemingly simple. But don’t underestimate how profound it is and give it a try.

Thanks for tuning in!

So much love and support to your continued success,

How to Curb Your Sugar Cravings

May 26, 2015

I hope you had a fantastic and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!

Zach and I spent this one down the shore with my family in Ocean City, NJ.

But one thing that always used to plague me after a weekend, holiday or not, were sugar cravings.

For years it seemed like I couldn’t exercise or eat enough greens to keep me away from craving sugar. Or even carbs.

Sometimes I would make a special trip to sneak out of the office and find some chocolate. It was like I had this little secret addiction to it.

The more I gave into these naughty sugar cravings, the more intense they got. And the harder I tried to resist them, the more they tortured me.

I tried drinking big glasses of water and breathing through them. I tried adding more greens into my diet. And I even bought pills and powders to help balance my blood sugar.

But no signs of relief.

At that point I was pretty convinced I had been born with a sweet tooth. It was just a part of my genetics and I’m just going to have to deal with it for the rest of my life.

But surprisingly, as I healed my relationship to food, I realized my sugar cravings weren’t triggered by something I was eating.

There was a deeper cause to them that had nothing to do with food.

So this week’s J-ciniTV episode, I want to share this unique strategy with you on how to make your sugar cravings magically disappear.

And I want to put emphasis on UNIQUE.

This is one of those episodes that’ll have you giggling as you learn and I won’t be surprised if you watch it more than once, it’s that good.

Click here to Laugh Yourself Skinny®:

I hope you remember that if you feel like you have a secret little addiction to food, that finding freedom from it won’t come in a meal plan or a personal trainer. Sure, those things help, but true freedom from food means taking back your energy and brain space that all your food worries currently occupy. So you can literally BE FREE.

And that’s exactly what we would do together in Laugh Yourself Skinny®.

I hope you found this episode helpful and if you’d like to explore more about how you can find peace with food, my door is always open.

All my love and support,


Did you know there are 4 Roots that trigger Emotional Eating?

Watch this video to identify which one is triggering you!

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