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February 3, 2015

I have something really exciting (and oh-my-gosh-I’ve-never-done-this-before-kinda-scary) to share with you!

In all two and half years we’ve been producing J-ciniTV, there hasn’t been a Tuesday that I haven’t dropped some Laugh Yourself Skinny wisdom bombs on you.


A few of our favs from the archives 😉

And I’ve been hearing from a number of women that they watch the videos every single week, but STILL suffer with stress eating when work gets crazy or fall into old habits of grabbing something quick (and comforting) when life gets busy.

Which leaves you STILL squeezing in to some of your clothes and secretly wishing you had a private chef so you could finally kiss the excess weight goodbye.

Enough is enough, my love.

I’m here to support you every step of the way! That’s why we’re taking a “commercial break” from J-ciniTV for a little bit and I’m pulling out the big guns.

It’s time to finally find freedom around food!

So I’m putting together a special event just for YOU on Thursday, February 12th @ 7pm EST/4pm EST

This special training is virtual so you can join us no matter where you are and it’s called:

“Escape Emotional Eating & Drop 10 Pounds in 5 Days Without Starving Yourself!”

===> Reserve your spot HERE  <===

In this F.R.E.E. training, you’ll discover:

  • Finally! How to build a healthy relationship with food and your body that’s based in fun, freedom and love
  • 3 unavoidable triggers in your daily life that cause you to overeat and what to do about them
  • A special secret about you that’s the #1 reason you haven’t lost weight yet…until NOW!
  • PLUS, an exclusive preview of an accelerated transformational experience (proven to be 100x better than any juice cleanse!)

I’ll be teaching you all of this and MORE during our time together, so reserve your spot now:

**IMPORTANT NOTE: My HIGH recommendation is that you join us LIVE!

I know how busy you are and how challenging it can be to make yourself and your body a priority. That’s why, if you join us LIVE you’ll be entered to WIN one of the many prizes, gifts and opportunities (valued at $2,000+) I’ll be giving away exclusively to those women LIVE on the call as a reward for showing up for yourself!

So mark your calendar NOW 🙂 !**

I’ve been desiring to help support you in an even bigger and more sustainable way and I’m super excited to have this powerful time together!

See you then!

Sign up here:



P.S. If you love J-ciniTV and all the tips, laughs and love in the episodes each week, you’re DEFINITELY going to want to join us for this training! It’s like 15 episodes in 1! Don’t miss out! Sign up here:

Always Hungry? Here's What To Do!

January 27, 2015

“I’ve been on a diet every day since I was 19. Which basically means I’ve been hungry for a decade.” – One of my favorite lines form the 1999 romantic comedy Notting Hill, starring the beautiful Julia Roberts.

The first time I ever heard it, I could totally relate.

In my past efforts of not-so-fun ways to slim down via calorie counting, doubling up on workouts and juice cleansing, I was hungry ALL the time.

I would finish breakfast and immediately start thinking about my next meal.

I struggled with my relationship to hunger for many years, often searching for answers in portion control or meal plans. Only to STILL be hungry ALL the time. And I hear a similar struggle from my clients when we first start working together.

So instead of being hungry for another decade, I want to give you a shortcut to a sustainable, authentic relationship to hunger that will allow you to have more freedom around food.

I personally use this approach and my clients continue to have success with reports of “eating less and feeling full”.

It’s no gimmick and it’s in today’s J-ciniTV episode:

Join us in the comments section below so that we can continue the conversation after the episode!

I’m here to support you every step of the way!

Love, health and laughter,

P.S. I have some super-duper exciting things to share with you that will put you on the fast track to dropping a pant size without starving yourself. I can’t spill all the beans just yet, but watch your inbox next week. I’d hate for you to miss out on this special stuff!

When Losing Weight Feels Impossible, Remember This! A True Story…

January 22, 2015

I know, it’s not normal for me to be reaching out to you on a day other than Tuesday, but I had the most inspiring story I wanted to share with you. And I just couldn’t wait for another Tuesday to go by to tell you…

I was on CBS last week!

CBS Philly Interview_PLAY

Now, you may not know how big this is for me. Well, honestly, for the both of us.

Yes, you!

You see, I have been wanting to be on TV (the kind in your living room with a channel changer) for as long as I can remember. It’s been years that I’ve had this desire.

I even put my head on Katie Couric’s body and kept this picture as the background on my phone and another printed version on my fridge.

Jessica as Katie Couric

And for years, I had no idea HOW this would happen.

I had no idea how to pitch something, let alone to a TV station.
I knew no one in TV land.
I live in Philadelphia. I told myself these things only happen to people in LA or NYC.
I had no PR agency nor any interest in spending $2K a month to hire one.
I had NO IDEA what I would talk about.
And, what would people think of me?!

At times, I thought this will NEVER happen to me.

Until one day, I got a call from CBS.

And the rest is now history.

The reason why I’m telling you this is because losing weight can feel the exact same way.


And I’m here, with Laugh Yourself Skinny, and this story about how the impossible became possible for me, to tell you, what you want WILL come to you.

Keep going.

Keep dreaming about it.

Heck, even put your head on someone else’s body like I did.

But don’t stop.

No matter how many days pass.

Keep going.

What we desire comes to us. This is proof. The stories of women who have laughed themselves skinny …that’s proof.

You can do this.

I’m with you every step of the way.

Cheers to the impossible becoming possible.

Sending you so much love,



P.S. If you’d like to watch the clip, you can do so here.

The 80/20 Rule : Why It Doesn’t Work!

January 20, 2015

My palms were sweaty, my entire body was shaking and it took every ounce of my energy to choke back my tears.

This was the first time I had ever gotten pulled over by a policeman.

When the officer asked me why the heck I was such a wreck when all he asked for was my license and registration, I completely fell to pieces.

Between sobs and hyperventilation I squeaked out, “I hate breaking the rules!!!”

And it’s still true to this day, I hate breaking rules.

So when I was looking for answers to how I can be in control of my weight and food, I would follow every rule to a T.

One I followed regularly was the 80/20 rule where you eat well 80% of the time and allow yourself indulgences 20% of the time.

I followed this diligently. But started to see that this was NOT getting me anywhere.

I noticed I would feel really good when I was eating healthy but the indulgences would always leave me feeling heavy, bloated with sugar cravings.

I started to realize this 80/20 rule wasn’t helping me lose weight and I felt like I had to have *perfect* eating 24/7 to get where I wanted to be.

My heart felt heavy faced with the fact that I would have to basically give up dinners out with friends and never have a glass of wine ever again.

Not fun!

And I knew I’d never be able to stick with that and started to feel resentful that this stupid rule worked for other people but not me.

Does this resonate with you?

If so, I encourage you to watch this week’s J-ciniTV to receive even more clarity about why the 80/20 rule isn’t working for you and what to do instead.

Check it out here:

Once you’ve watched, add your comments below where I’d love to support you through this!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what happened with the cop…

While I am from New Jersey which is notoriously known for its reckless drivers. I was not in trouble, nor did I get a ticket. The officer even complimented my driving! LOL 🙂

Love, health and laughter,

Eat When You're Bored?

January 13, 2015

Do you eat when you’re bored?

Maybe it happens on the weekend when you have a lot more free time… Or when you’ve traveled to a new place and you’re all by yourself…or at night after a long day of work…

If you were to Google ”bored eating” you might read advice that tells you to DO something like take a walk, get your hair done or something to distract you from feeling bored.

But the problem with that is whether you’re walking or eating, you’re still feeling something gnarly buried deep beneath the boredom.

And no amount of walking is going to fix it.

In order to clear up eating out of boredom once and for all, you have to get to the deeper meaning behind it.

Emotional eating (including eating from boredom!) is actually your body screaming for attention.

However, it’s easy to get tripped up trying to decipher this body language. That’s why we’re going to do it together in this week’s J-ciniTV.

In today’s episode I share with you the root cause of bored eating and how to clear it up. And it has nothing to do with keeping yourself busy.

Get the answer here:

Now I’d love you hear from you. Was this helpful for you? In the comments below, leave a “yay!” if it was helpful or a “nay” if it wasn’t.

Happy to further support you around this!

Thanks for tuning in!

Love, health and laughter,

How to make your new years resolution stick

January 6, 2015

Did you know that 92% of the new year’s resolutions people make fail?

I want to be the first one to tell you it’s NOT because of laziness, not being good enough or not knowing how.

Resolutions fail because there’s more to the resolution making process than just writing them down or declaring them.

In fact, all goals or resolutions MUST have this second step in order to make them stick.

In today’s episode of J-ciniTV, I’m going to walk you through it.

Here’s how to keep your resolutions shiny all year long:

Now I’d love to hear from you!

What are your new year’s resolutions?

Leave a comment below.

Cheers to your success! You so got this!

Love, health and laughter,

2 Ways to Detox Without Starving Yourself

December 30, 2014

I’ve had some pretty horrific experiences with cleansing.

Physically: I was hungry, my energy was similar to that of a flu patient and one time I pooped my pants (apparently the cayenne lemon juice was too much for my sensitive digestion).

That wasn’t even the worst part.

The worst was what it did to me mentally.

On a juice cleanse, I thought it was an opportunity to put worrying about what I was going to eat and my neglect on the back burner.

But it only made it 10X worse…

“I want chocolate but I can’t (sigh)”

“Is this going to hold me?”

“I don’t think I can make it 3 days like this.”

My mind would spin and I had a very hard time focusing on my work.

During and after I was no better off than when I began.

For emotional eaters, stripping food completely is extremely harsh. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

And if you make it through, there is usually a binge waiting for you at the end of it.

Nowadays, I do what I call a “slow and steady detox”.

I have little tricks I can do every day to keep my body clean without starving myself.

And today I want to share a couple of my favorites with you. The best part is, they’re actually fun.

Grab my top 2 here:

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Which one of these easy-peasy ways to detox are you going try incorporating into your regular routine?

Love, health and laughter,


How To Survive Your Family (Without Binging On Cookies!)

December 23, 2014

Every year for Christmas, I head home to my parents’ house in Jersey.

While my brother and I have both been out of the house since our teens, we still spend Christmas Eve night sleeping at my parents like we are 2 little kids.

This year Zach and CJ are joining us and so is my brother’s wife Abby.

Having 6 adults and 2 dogs in one house should be…um…interesting.

I’m not knocking it. I love my family and am super excited to spend time with them.

But I also know me. And I need time alone.

And it can be a little challenging to find that during the holidays.

I’m not in my own space…my mom needs help in the kitchen…my dad will lecture me on the latest headline in the news…Know what I mean?

When family is literally on top of you during the holidays, emotional eating can easily slip into the scene to escape the tension, suffocation and boredom.

But don’t sweat.

In this week’s J-ciniTV episode, I give you 3 things you must do to steer clear of using cookies to scratch that “get me outta here” itch.

Here is a healthy way to escape the pressures of being “on” in front of your family:

Be sure to report back on how this works for you by commenting below!

Love, health and laughter,


How to Say No

December 16, 2014

I used to be the president of the People Pleasers club.

If someone asked me to do something, I’d pretty much drop everything and help him or her.

After all, it would make them happy. And of course I wanted them to be happy!

But after a while I started to notice how my impulse to say yes to everything would leave me overwhelmed, exhausted and depleted.

And when my batteries were low, I’d eat.

Then one day I realized not only was I sacrificing myself but also, as a result, I was gaining weight.

Since then, I’ve removed myself from the people pleaser group and have gotten much better at boundaries and saying no guilt-free.

At first it was uncomfortable, but then I came up with this trick that works like a charm.

My clients LOVE it…And I’m sure you will too!

It’s in this week’s J-cini TV.

Check it out here:

Now I’d like to hear from you!

What’s one place you’d like to use this approach? Leave a comment below so we can cheer you on!

Cheers to giving from a place of fullness rather than depletion.

Love, health and laughter,



How To Avoid Winter Weight Gain

December 9, 2014

I was having chitchat with my friend Laura last week when she started to tell me how difficult it was for her to keep weight off during the winter.

She said things like…

“In the summer I easily walk everywhere, now I take cabs so I don’t freeze. And it used to be easy for me to work out after work because it was light till 8pm. Now the sun sets at 4:30 pm and all I want to do is go home, put on sweat pants, and hibernate; which is fine, until summer rolls back around and I have to work twice as hard to lose what I gained in the winter.”

My first response was “this would make a great J-ciniTV episode!” to which she rolled her eyes and giggled.

I quickly followed it up with a few tweaks she could make to keep slim and sexy all year round.

And then I did make exactly what I told her into a J-ciniTV episode so I could share it with you :  )

If you find yourself in a similar situation as Laura, watch this:

Love, health and laughter,


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