Why skipping your workout is a genius idea!

June 17, 2014

A few of my gal pals and I have this daily ritual that you’re gonna think is kinda weird.

Every morning we hop on the phone, the 4 of us and do a quick check in…we acknowledge the good in our lives, give gratitude for it and then set our intentions for the day and sometimes our life.

One of my gfs has been desiring to slim down and she’s been doing a really good job at eating healthier and getting her butt to her fav barre class in the morning. I’m very proud of her and it’s been a treat to see how excited she gets when she notices her body changing.

Except one day she slept through her alarm.

I could hear in her voice how shattered she was. Disappointed. Frustrated. Pissed off.

Like her body let her down by not waking up to her alarm.

I hear this from a lot of my clients too. That if they stop counting, tracking and pounding the pavement, their body will blow up like a balloon.

The good news is, it’s quite the opposite…and today’s J-ciniTV topic!

I’m giving it to you straight as to why skipping your workout is a genius idea and a tip to slimming down while you sleep (yes, it can be done!).

Go here to get your pass to skip your sweat session:

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J-CiniTV Riddle Time!

June 10, 2014

Ever lose a bunch a weight only to gain it back a few months or years later?

It’s like whatever you were doing stopped working and the pounds slowly start to come back. Your belly starts to feel a little bit flabbier until that dreadful day when you can’t zip your pants.

And there you are back at square one. AGAIN.

Which hurls you back into the dieting cycle…the search for the next, newest answer that’ll help you get your body back.

The good news is that there’s a big reason behind what starts this endless cycle…And I’m gonna tell you it!

In today’s episode of J-ciniTV, I spill the beans on what’s causing you to gain all your weight back and how to avoid the slingshot back into a head full of weight loss worries.

Go here to find out:

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The First Step to Stop Emotional Eating

June 3, 2014

I’m super excited to dish out today’s topic.

But I’m going to warn you, it’s pretty hairy.

In fact, no one really talks about it because for many women it’s best kept a secret. Locked in the closet. Pretending like everything is fine.

I did this for years. I was in total denial that I was an emotional eater.

After all, emotional eating was something for people who were much heavier than me.
Emotional eating was for someone who has real problems… I don’t have problems (or so I thought).

And yet I would continue to say to myself, “I’m doing everything right, but I’m STILL not losing weight.”

That phrase that I used to say over and over to myself and I continue to hear from so many of my clients…it’s a dead giveaway there is some deeper, emotional stuff going on with food.

I never knew that making a bee-line for chocolate when I stepped in the door every day after work to take the edge off was emotional eating.
I never knew that grabbing the ice cream, even though I wasn’t hungry, before I sat down to write a paper for my MBA was emotional eating.
I thought I just suffered from sugar cravings and couldn’t keep that stuff in the house.

The bottom line is I never knew that what I was doing was emotional eating. So I would continue to repeat the same old patterns that would leave me reaching for chocolate and ice cream when stress and anxiety started to pile up.

And that’s why I want to shine the light on emotional eating so you don’t stay stuck repeating the same habits and starting to wonder what’s wrong with you when you’re sweating your buns off and you’re only losing half a pound (on a good day).

In this week’s episode of J-ciniTV, I get down and dirty with emotional eating – what is it really, the truth of where it comes from and how to stop it before your spoon dives into that pint of ice cream.

Click here to get the skinny:

Lovin’ you so much and thanks for tuning in!

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A Simple Way To Start Loving Your Body Now!

May 27, 2014

Is it cool if we don’t talk about food for today and talk about something steamy?

I wanna talk about love.

And not the love you have for your kids, your puppy or your partner…I wanna talk about the love you have for the most important person in the world…YOU.

99% of women have a part (or parts!) of their bodies they hate. Stomach, arms, thighs and butt are the top 4.

Have you ever tried to hide that part? Maybe by wearing baggier, looser clothing…
And have you ever felt like you really hope no one is looking at your {insert hated body part here}?

If you’ve ever felt like that, this makes me really sad.

Because I know how uncomfortable it is to carry around a secret about your body…like your stomach isn’t really as flat as it should be. And how we’ll do just about anything to keep anyone but ourselves from finding out that secret piece of shame.

And that holds us back…from opportunities, from relationships and most of all from loving ourselves.

Because only when we truly embrace ALL parts of us are we able to squeeze every ounce of sweet nectar from this life. And from there, life becomes infinitely better.

So let’s start turning this crap into gold, ok?

In today’s episode of J-ciniTV, I give you an easy-peasy exercise to start looking at the parts of yourself that are a little bigger than you’d like with some rosey-colored glasses.

Don’t worry, it won’t be cheesy.

Click here to start loving your body now:

Want some bonus points? Forward this email to the girlfriend that knows (almost) all your secrets and do this exercise together. Notice how it changes your relationship with yourself and even each other.

Thanks for tuning in!

Love, health and laughter,


You'll Love My Fudgy No-Pudgy Brownies!

May 20, 2014

Ever vow to give up dessert until you can slip back into your skinny jeans?

Even worse, have you ever been out to dinner with friends while in “I’m not eating dessert mode” to sit through the torture of watching everyone else devour the chocolate lava cake?

Back in the day, I was the queen of cutting things out in an effort to slim down.

My love for dessert was always the first to get axed.

Which only lead to eventually eating the whole PAN of brownies, rather than just one. No matter what, if I started the process with sacrifice, it always ended ugly.

At first, I thought there was something wrong with me. Like I wasn’t born with enough willpower or something.

After a while, I realized I needed to do things differently. And that’s why in Laugh yourself Skinny we follow the concept of “yes and”.

Yes, you can eat brownies AND still lose weight.

While you won’t catch me in the kitchen very often these days, there are a few faves from my LYS Recipe Database that I will whip up.

And my Fudgy NO-Pudgy Brownies are one of them.

No begging needed,  in this week’s episode of JciniTV, I’m dishing out the recipe so you can indulge guilt-free.  I’ve also included a copy of the recipe above.

Check out how sin-free these brownies are:

These are also a great dish to bring if you’re headed to a Memorial Day BBQ next week!

Let me know how you like them!

Love, health & laughter,


9 Things To Put On When You Have Nothing To Wear

May 13, 2014

Does it take you hours to get dressed in the morning? How many times do you stare into your closet wondering what to wear?

It used to take me HOURS to get dressed. I eventually had to start laying out my clothes the night before because EVERYTHING I tried on didn’t fit.

The tears. The frustration.

Talk about painful experiences. Thank goodness those days are long gone.

In this weeks episode of J-ciniTV, I wanted to give you some other options of what to wear that aren’t hanging in your closet.

Put one (or ALL) of these 9 things on when you have nothing to wear:

Keep your head up darlin’! Don’t let what’s in (or not in) you closet rain on your parade.

Love, health & laughter,

P.S. Speaking of what to wear…the fashion in Paris is amazing! I’m in heaven! Be sure you’re following me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to keep up with my crazy adventures!

3 Easy Ways To Avoid Seasonal Allergies

May 6, 2014

Ohh the thrill of being able to ditch the puffy jacket and fleece tights and being able to walk around town without pouring summer sweat…these are a few of my favorite things about Spring.

However, 3 years ago I used to spend this time of year PETRIFIED to just open the windows.


My seasonal allergies would hit me so bad I was taking TWO 24 hour Claritins a day + Mucinex and still couldn’t breathe. Sneezing and watery eyes would quickly turn into sinus infections and days in bed. Thanks to my allergies, I never got to enjoy much fun when spring sprung.

Until I started eating the food that was right for my body.

Now…well…I can’t remember the last time I took, let alone bought a Claritin…it’s been years.

This week’s J-ciniTV is all about surviving THRIVING this allergy season without poppin’ pills.

Click here to get my top 3 tips to avoid seasonal allergies:

Got grand plans for this spring? Picnics, wine tours, road trips?

Let me know what fun you are up to this spring in the comments below the video!

Thanks for tuning in!

Love, health & laughter,


P.S. Tonight I leave for a 2 week trip to Paris! Be sure we’re connected through Facebook  & Instagram  to come along (virtually!) on my adventures! Don’t worry – I’ve taped a few J-ciniTV episodes to keep you Laughing Yourself Skinny while I’m away 😉


The Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape: A Behind-The-Scenes Look

April 29, 2014

Holy (skinny) cow!

I’m still sippin’ on the sweet syzzrup from the Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape.

I’ve been checking in with a few of the women since they got home just 2 weeks ago and I LOVE hearing the stories of how one woman’s fiancée was blown away by her glow of happiness since she arrived back home and how another woman is continuing to eat the foods that are right for her body and how it’s tripling her energy!

I am so grateful that I got to be in person with these women for a week and teach them how dropping a pant size can be simple, relaxing and most of all, FUN.

But I have to be honest, going into that week I wasn’t sure what to expect…

Of course I know my Laugh Yourself Skinny strategies work…most of my clients drop anywhere between 5-20lbs in just three months of working together. And I eat, breathe and live my teachings myself.

But chunking it down into just 5 days…well, honestly…I was a little nervous.

No juice cleanses.
No crazy boot-campy workouts.
No portion control.
Could this really work in just 5 days?
The answer… YES!

Everyone lost MORE THAN 5lbs in just 5 days together!

Even the staff slimmed down! haha!

Since you couldn’t be there in person with us, I put together a little recap of the week to give you a behind the scenes look of what went down on the Escape. You won’t want to miss a peek at the before and after pics too!

Check them out here:

And if you’re thinking about joining us on the next Escape and want to drop a pant size in just 5 days by Laughing Yourself Skinny, make sure you’re on our invite list here.

That way you’ll get all the details when we open the doors again.

I’d love to have the opportunity to hang out with you for a week!

See ya next week!

Love, health and laugher,


P.S. I got a lot of emails from women who were bummed they missed this Escape. Truth is, there were only a handful of spots and they went FAST when we opened the doors. Don’t miss out when we open them for the next Escape, enter your name and email here: http://laughyourselfskinnyescape.com/

The Dirty Truth About Vanity Sizing

April 22, 2014

Nothing will deflate your confidence quicker than taking an arm load of clothes into the dressing room simply to find that NOTHING fits you. Not only are you walking 3 feet smaller, but you can’t help but think, “what’s wrong with me? why does nothing fit?”

Ever have that feeling?

Ugh, it’s awful. I don’t blame you for wanting to avoid the dressing room altogether because of it.

In case you didn’t know, before I started my business I worked in the marketing department of a very well-known women’s plus size clothing company.

One of the reasons I high-tailed it outta there was that I got sick n’ tired of witnessing how disempowered women were around their bodies and how painful it was for so many women to dress when they didn’t love the skin they were in.

I’ll never forget sitting in a company-wide meeting and hear our CEO say, “Obesity is on the rise! Meaning more customers for us!”

I nearly fell off my seat in shock over how this man could regard an epidemic that plagues our culture a positive. It rocked me to my core.

And that’s when I knew I needed to help women end this war with weight for good.

A few years later, I birthed Laugh Yourself SkinnyTM.

While I got my soul sucked out of me going to that job every day, I acquired some “insider secrets” when it comes to corporate retail.

The one I’m sharing with you today in J-ciniTV, will blow your socks off and show you how to keep your confidence in the dressing room.

Every woman needs to watch this:

Feel free to forward this episode on to your mother, sister or friend. Every woman needs to watch it!

Love, health & laughter,


What Your Dog Can Teach You About Losing Weight

April 15, 2014

I am bubbling over with joy and gratitude. Last week I hosted the first Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape where 9 women unplugged, rebooted and shed hundreds of pounds – physically, mentally and emotionally.

I love watching the transformation and their faces as they get their zest for life back all without starving themselves or working out 24/7.

Here’s a couple of scenes from the week:


While I love to travel and be with my clients in the flesh, it feels so good to be back home snuggling with my little pup CJ.

When I first rescued him, there were days would I would envy him. I mean, can you blame me? His first nap is at 9:30am and he lounges in the sun allll day.

And he NEVER worries about if his pants will fit.

Despite his freedom from weight worries, he’s taught me some very important lessons when it comes to finding fun while trying to drop 10 pounds.

In this week’s episode of J-ciniTV, CJ makes his debut to share his top 5 tips on how to Laugh Yourself SkinnyTM…

Thanks for tuning in!

Love, health & laughter,


P.S. Stay tuned for an upcoming recap of the amazing week we had on the Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape – with lots of pictures 😉 !

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